Have We Automated Sales Too Much? w/ Shawn Finder [Episode 727]

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Shawn Finder, CEO at Autoklose, joins me again on this episode.


  • Shawn was on the show previously for his company ExchangeLeads, a data provider. About a year-and-a-half ago, Shawn leveraged the sales engagement and the data side into an all-in-one sales solution, Autoklose.
  • Shawn shares his definition of sales engagement.
  • Have we automated too much of the sales process? You need to build a relationship and rapport. LinkedIn is a good place for social connection. Don’t spam on LinkedIn!
  • Shawn gives advice on personalizing email messages. Don’t try to sell your company in a long message. Use email to offer value, connect, and ask for a meeting.
  • The top of the funnel is a marketing function. The middle of the funnel is for building trust and providing education. Shawn discusses handing prospects off to the AE.
  • Andy tells the story of a three-person sales team pitted against an SDR/AE team. The three-person team, selling in person, crushed the inside team.
  • Shawn says Autoklose nurtures prospects with engagement, content, and value, bringing in the AE to do demos. However, Autoklose plans to hire one SDR to see if it will help the selling process.
  • Andy recommends making small deals transactional and giving them to the SDRs. Shawn would like to see SDRs receive better training to start learning to close sales.
  • Why are we accepting a 20% win rate? Flooding the funnel with unqualified leads is a self-defeating behavior. We need to increase the win rate.
  • If you arbitrarily raise the quota by 10%, do your reps arbitrarily become 10% better at selling? What training are they receiving? Will the market support 10% growth?
  • Autoklose is focusing on SMB clients for growth and trying to consolidate parts of the selling process. Sales leaders want fewer tools in their tech stack.
  • When does a company need sales engagement? Shawn points out that instead of hiring an SDR at $60K, SMBs can get a sales engagement tool at 1/12th the price. Sales engagement platforms can do it all except for the demo.