Generate Natural Business Referrals, with Stacey Brown Randall [Episode 711]

Stacey Brown Randall, speaker, podcast host, and author of Generating Business Referrals Without Asking, joins me on this episode.


  • The best trigger for a referral is when your customer sees someone who has a problem and the customer knows you can help that person to solve it. Reps cannot control when a genuine trigger for a referral occurs.
  • A manufactured trigger, such as asking for referrals, feels uncomfortable and fake. Stacey has a five-step system to create triggers using the psychology of why referrals are given.
  • In order to receive a meaningful referral from someone, you first have to have a relationship with them and build trust with them and they must understand what you do and who you can help.
  • Before trying Stacey’s referral plan, be really clear about what your client experience is like and about building relationships with your referral sources. Your sources can be your clients or centers of influence in your network.
  • Stacey shares ideas about how many referrals and referral sources you need and how you can grow center-of-influence referral sources. It starts with being top-of-mind with them and building relationships.
  • Stacey teaches a master class on a process to turn clients into referral sources and how to turn centers of influence into referral sources. Identify with them, connect with them, meet face-to-face, and see how you can help them.
  • Be a giver, not a taker. Really understand their business and look for opportunities to give value to them. Stacey keeps a running number list of sources she is developing and a ‘keeping warm’ list she contacts often.
  • If you want to know someone, find someone you know who can make an introduction for you. You can ask for introductions but never for referrals. Plant referral seeds for people to think about you in a referral perspective.
  • Stacey shares one example of a script you can use at an event. Stacey has a free Referral Ninja Quiz you can take on her website. It’s all about weaving in the right basic language to plant referral seeds that will grow.
  • Stacey shares the steps. Step 1, know who your referral sources are; 2, properly and immediately thank someone who sends you a referral; 3, build an intentional, long-term plan for taking care of your sources.
  • Step 4, plant referral seeds using the right words; 5, Systemize the steps as much as possible so the plan, the touchpoints, and the outreach actually happen. You will be involved because it is your relationship. Use a process.
  • Your business will not be able to rely only on referrals for lead generation. Focus on metrics and activities that will generate the best results for you. Referrals come as part of a long-term plan.