Future Sales Trends and Beyond w/ Josiane Feigon [Episode 453]

In this episode, we look into the sales crystal ball to see how the profession will evolve in the near future.

Josiane Feigon, sales futurist, Founder of TeleSmart Communications, Inc., and the author of Smart Sales Manager, and Smart Selling on the Phone and Online, joins me on this episode.


Josiane has owned TeleSmart, a sales training company for global inside sales, since 1994, and has written an annual sales trends report, since 2005. She researches patterns she observes, and is often “scary right.”

Josiane comments how digital inside sales “embraces the blur” of this unpredictable year.

One trend is towards remote activity, since work space is at a premium. In sales, though, it is more effective to gather.

Gen ‘Z,’ 19-22 years old, are starting to influence the workplace, with their unique values. Gen Z is rediscovering the value of relationship building through face-to-face activity.

Josiane talks about the gig economy, side gigs, and the entrepreneurial escape hatch.

SDR managers are trying to gamify the job, give bonuses, and include SDRs better, to keep up loyalty.

Sales organizations are creating new positions to allow for advancement in the SDR area, and beyond.

Josiane covers the introduction of emojis in corporate and customer communications — probably not in proposals!

Josiane remarks on reports that link social media usage to depression. Monitoring usage is suggested.

The customer’s emotional state is often unknown, and plays a major role in their behaviors. Can it be seen through sales automation software?

C-suite turnover is happening more quickly than ever before. C-suite roles and titles have changed in two years. Pick up the phone and find out what is happening at your prospect.

Josiane talks about fear, the loss of trust, and the focus on bringing it back and maintaining it.

The Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul was formerly Accelerate! with Andy Paul.