A New Approach to Selling and Marketing w/ Kimberlee Slavik [Episode 739]

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Kimberlee Slavik, author of five books, including Visnostic Sales and Marketing: The Power of VISualization DiagNOSTIC Statements™ A Neuroscientific Approach to Communicating, Training, Selling, Marketing, and Leading, joins me on this episode.


Kimberlee Slavik has published five successful sales books in 2019 and is working on three more. Readers’ reactions to her first book led to the others in a series. She also wrote a leadership book from her sales experience. Kimberlee recommends upgrading sales management standards and suggests requiring licensing for sales management; there should be consequences for bad behavior in the sales industry.

Kimberlee was motivated to write Visnostics to provide plans for the execution of the sales theories she had learned along the way in sales. She tells how to flip the story to appeal to customers when improving sales. Generation Zs have a three-second attention span so you have to get their attention with your first words. You never know what your audience is going to be. Different people have different perspectives; present your services from their perspective. Kimberlee relates the meeting that sparked that moment of understanding to create the basis of Visnostics.