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758: What is Sales Enablement? with Howard Brown

Howard Brown is the Founder and CEO of ringDNA

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Revenue Orchestration, with Hayes Davis [Episode 906]
Hayes Davis is the CEO and founder of Gradient Works, where they are creating the CRO operating system. In today’s conversation we talk about the concept of “revenue orchestration.” We dig into why companies are quick to blame reps for unproductivity before examining whether they’ve orchestrated a system and process that enables reps to be […]
Leveling Up, with Eric Siu [Episode 905]
Today we discuss how Eric applied the lessons he learned in becoming a top gamer, to his personal and professional development.
Never Been Coached, with Brian Souza [Episode 904]
Today Brian and I have a wide ranging conversation about coaching!
Values, Character and Sales, with Philip Squire [Episode 903]
On today’s episode Phil suggests that a new paradigm for selling is required – one that is based on values and belief systems.
My 16 Roles During the Pandemic, with Tiffany Heimpel [Episode 902]
Tiffany Heimpel is a Sales Manager for Marketing Solutions at LinkedIn. It’s safe to say that the pandemic has been particularly hard for women in sales with school age and preschool age kids at home. They carry a disproportionate share of the load in managing work, remote learning, the family, relationships and so on. In […]
Sales Autonomous Zone, with Joe Caprio [Episode 901]
In today’s episode Joe fills us in on Reprise and the problem they’re solving for SaaS companies by making it easier for buyers to actually experience your product.
Success on Your Own Terms, with Casanova Brooks [Episode 899]
Today we’re talking about a topic that I believe is important for sellers: how to live, work and succeed on your own terms.
B2B Marketing Unstuck, with Chris Walker [Episode 898]
Today we talk about why Chris believes B2B marketing is stuck.
Enablement, with Paul Butterfield [Episode 897]
Today we’re talking about all things enablement.
The Queen of Cold Calling, with Wendy Weiss [Episode 896]
Wendy Weiss is the President of ColdCallingResults.com. And has been called The Queen of Cold Calling. So, one guess what we’re talking about today? That’s right. Cold calling. We dive into the lessons Wendy’s learned from her clients about how cold calling has changed during the pandemic. And she shares her recommendations for sellers regarding how […]
Managing for Performance, with Brian Trautschold [Episode 895]
Brian Trautschold is the Co-Founder & COO at Ambition. We cover a lot of territory in this conversation. Brian shares his perspectives about the role of gamification on the (virtual) sales floor. We dive into how B2B sales is changing. And whether it is changing as fast enough. Meaning is B2B sales changing as fast […]