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758: What is Sales Enablement? with Howard Brown

Howard Brown is the Founder and CEO of ringDNA

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The Wentworth Prospect, with John Smibert [Episode 970]
Today John and I get into why buyers, as they have become more empowered, don’t value sellers and their advice like they used to.
The Importance of Pipeline Management [Ep. 11]
What is pipeline management? Good question. We would probably (if pressed) define it as the process of properly adding accurate information around close dates, qualification steps, and pipeline stages in order to provide Sales, Marketing, CS and Executive Leadership with reliable reporting as to what they can expect in projected revenue in the coming months. […]
Selling as a Process, with Mark Cox [Episode 969]
Mark Cox is the founder of In The Funnel, a sales consulting firm. On today’s episode we discuss why sellers need a repeatable process to convert prospects into paying clients. Because as Mark says, “In the absence of selling as a process, sales pursuits become a series of unrelated events.” Mark shares his 3 critical […]
A New Model for B2B Sales, with Jarron Vosburg [Episode 968]
Jarron Vosburg (Vice President of Sales at JumpCrew) and I talk about a new model for B2B sales. The model is outsourcing your sales function. Completely. Companies routinely outsource mission critical functions today. Why not sales? We dive into what that model looks like for a company that wants to go down that path. How […]
Speedos and Sales Coaching, with Marcus Chan [Episode 967]
Marcus Chan (Founder of the Venli Consulting Group) is one of the Top Sales Influencers to Follow in 2021 according to Salesforce. In our conversation today we cover a lot of ground. Beginning with how Marcus got his start in sales: selling Speedo swimsuits. We talk about our passion for sales coaching. And dive into […]
Social Selling: Be Responsible for the Dopamine Hit [Ep. 10]
Our producer “like” speaks up.
Coaching Sales Mindset, with Larry Long Jr. [Episode 966]
Today we dive into one of my favorite topics: sales mindset.
Stoicism and Sales, with Dan Horowitz and Tom Eschbacher [Episode 965]
Today we’re talking about stoicism and sales.
The Power of Clarity, with Ann Latham [Episode 964]
In today’s conversation Ann and I talk about the importance of clarity (uncommon clarity, as she calls it) in our communications.
How To Do Sales Forecasting The Right Way [Ep. 9]
Tune-in today to learn the important nuances of sales forecasting.
The Power of Discovery, with Charles Muhlbauer [Episode 963]
Charles Muhlbauer is the Lead Enablement Manager at CB Insights. In today’s conversation we’re talking about a topic that Charles and I both are passionate about: discovery! We dive right into what’s the single most important objective of discovery. Then dig into when you do discovery. Is it just a stage in your sales process? […]
Comedy and Sales, with Jon Selig [Episode 962]
Jon Selig is the self-described “Guy Who Helps Sales Reps Understand Buyers Through the Lens of Comedy.” I always like talking with Jon. He brings a unique and fun perspective to selling. In particular, how to use humor as an integral element of your selling process. We all know that it’s tough for any seller […]