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758: What is Sales Enablement? with Howard Brown

Howard Brown is the Founder and CEO of ringDNA

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Selling with Dyslexia, with Rob Johnson [Episode 870]
Rob Johnson is the Managing Director for Onit, leader in the enterprise legal ops space. Rob sent me one of the more interesting pitches to be a guest on this show. He said he wasn’t trying to promote anything. He just wanted to talk about the challenges people face when they have dyslexia and the […]
Managing Your Business Data, with Lars Helgesen [Episode 869]
Today we discuss why managing data in a business is a leadership and management issue first, and a technology issue second.
New Logo Acquisition, with Catie Ivey [Episode 868]
Catie Ivey is the regional Vice President responsible for all new logo acquisition in the mid-market space for DemandBase. In this conversation dive into a number of interesting topics: (1) How she had an epic fail on her first sales interview, a s did I, (2) how she’s dealt with self doubt, (3) why she […]
Special Inauguration Episode, with Congressman Bill Foster [Episode 867]
U.S. Congressman Bill Foster is my guest on this special inauguration episode. Representative Bill Foster represents the 11th congressional district in Illinois (In the Chicago area) and serves on the House Financial Services Committee where he chairs the Task Force on Artificial Intelligence. He also serves on the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus, which is […]
Mr. Monkey and Me, with Mike Smerklo [Episode 866]
In this episode we hear the story of Mike’s struggles with self-doubt as he grew from an entrepreneur and CEO at a small business that he grew into a category-leading publicly traded company.
The CIA Method: Polygraphs and Prospects, with Dan Crum [Episode 865]
Dan Crum is author of the book titled “The CIA Method” about best practices in hiring and recruiting for sales.
Sobriety, Stigma and Sales, with Chris Anthony [Episode 864]
Chris Anthony is the Vice President, US Consumer Goods and Marketing Cloud at Salesforce. This is another in a series of conversations I’ve been having on this show about mental health, sales, and business. In June 2020, on the 15th anniversary of his sobriety, Chris went public with his story for the first time. He […]
All Things Tactile Marketing Automation, with Nick Runyon [Episode 863]
In this episode we get into everything Tactile Marketing Automation.
The State of Enterprise Sales in Saas, with Vince Beese [Episode 862]
Vince has been selling big deals into the enterprise and leading enterprise sales team in the SaaS space for a long time, so settle in for a great conversation about the big changes we’ve seen in enterprise sales this past year.
The 5 Sales Myths, with Jake Dunlap [Episode 861]
In this episode Jake and I discuss an article he posted on linkedin about 5 predominant myths in sales.
The New Economics of Field Sales, with Stephen Diorio [Episode 860]
An interesting conversation about a topic front and center for many sales bosses.
Building Better Sales Habits, with Liston Witherill [Episode 859]
In this episode Liston and I dig into the topic of building better sales habits using the science of habit formation.