• RingDNA is our top sales technology investment, helping to drive 300% more revenue.

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    Dallas Hogensen
    Head of Commercial Sales


    • Expand Lyft for Work’s global market share by having more high-quality conversations with enterprise customers
    • Quickly scale an inside sales team focused on revolutionizing corporate travel
    • Train new reps how to discover and engage viable customers
    • Use call data to discover leading indicators of success


    • RingDNA Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce
    • RingDNA Sales Coaching Suite
    • RingDNA Call Analytics for Salesforce


    • 300% increase in revenue growth
    • 19% lift in new opportunities
    • 34% increase in quality conversations with key decision makers
    • Fast onboarding and effective training for dozens of new reps
    • Real-time sales performance analytics empowered Lyft to define and measure key leading indicators for sales success

    Since it was founded 2012, Lyft has been a titan in consumer peer-to-peer ground travel. Lyft was founded with the mission of building a peer-to- peer transportation solution that would help make cities safer, more affordable and better connected. Quickly expanding on the heels of Lyft’s success in the consumer space, Lyft for Work is revolutionizing the way that companies think about ground transportation and streamlining the business travel and expense management process. As Lyft expands to more than 500 cities globally, and has announced a new partnership with GM, the company is poised to be a truly transformational company.

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Faced with pressure to scale sales quickly and expand global market share, Lyft chose RingDNA as their core enterprise sales automation and communications platform in large part because Lyft’s Head of Commercial Sales Dallas Hogensen had demonstrated success with RingDNA at prior companies.

RingDNA’s Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce helped Lyft scale fast, taking just minutes to download, and less than an hour to train and onboard new reps. RingDNA’s ease of use and flexibility empowered Lyft to onboard new inside sales reps far faster than ever before. Once trained, the ability to listen to both call recordings and live calls served as a powerful training tool. By listening to calls, Lyft reps self-educate, learning how to successfully sell effectively in record time.

RingDNA’s powerful dialing automation empowered reps to connect with and engage more high-value accounts each day. This led to a 34% increase in quality connections (defined as calls that last more than 3 minutes) with key decision makers. These additional quality conversations had a direct impact on Lyft’s bottom line. By using RingDNA, Lyft’s sales team created 19% more new sales opportunities and drove 300% more revenue than during the previous booking period.

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