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Revenue Acceleration
for the Entire Team

ringDNA makes every member of your team smarter, faster and more productive. We create more top sales performers, improve sales experiences and help exceed buyer expectations to drive more revenue.

Trusted by the World's Top Performing Sales Teams

We offer a cohesive revenue acceleration platform that delivers a powerful and easy-to-use experience for every sales role. ringDNA customers thrive on our AI-driven, exclusive insights to empower authentic customer relationships, improve connections, and uncover the building blocks of great conversations.


We prioritize what matters, automate busywork and eliminate distractions for salespeople, unleashing productivity at every step.


We fuel peak sales performance, increasing customer satisfaction, sales team retention, and revenue growth.


We make it easy to achieve complete adoption of your sales playbook, improve messaging alignment, and ramp new reps faster than ever before.


We uncover performance analytics and AI-driven data insight for complete visibility into every step of your sales process to optimize for scale.

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Backed by Goldman Sachs, Bryant Stibel and Palisades Growth Capital, ringDNA was named one of the “Best Places to Work” by BuiltinLA, Forbes and USA Today, and “One of The Best Privately Owned Companies in America” by Entrepreneur magazine. Our CEO, Howard Brown, is a three-time winner of Comparably’s Best CEO Award.

Our team is ambitious, curious, fun and customer-obsessed, and our offices cultivate collaboration and camaraderie. Best of all, we’re using artificial intelligence to make humans better. Are you ready to help ringDNA revolutionize the sales experience?

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What’s in our DNA?

Communication has always been at the core of human connection, and it is at the core of our brand design as well. Our logomark is constructed from the earliest building blocks of modern communication, Morse Code, which was used to power some of the most urgent and vital communications throughout history. We combined Morse Code with the very building blocks of life itself, DNA, and these motifs served as the inspiration for the ringDNA visual identity. Today this design extends to the heart of our brand and product experience, as a visual representation of the building blocks of conversations.