The 11 Best Sales Conferences for 2016-2017

As we move into the second half of 2016, we’re very excited about all the fantastic sales conferences in store!

sales conferenceGoing to the right conferences can actually offer fantastic ROI to sales professionals. First of all, there are almost always sessions and keynotes featuring top industry experts. It’s a great place to share strategies and learn from the very best. Conferences can also be an excellent way to prospect for new business. If you’re selling to businesses, chances are that you can meet key decision makers at high-value accounts in person, whether they are new contacts or leads you have spoken with on the phone. This is fantastic because while inside sales reps can often close huge deals over the phone, there will always be something to be said for a face-to-face.

There are a lot of sales, marketing and technology conferences. It’s virtually impossible to go to all of them. That’s why we’ve narrowed it down to a list of 11 up-and-coming conferences that can potentially offer B2B sales professionals the best ROI.


When: 10/4/16 – 10/7/16
Where: San Francisco
Why: Dreamforce is the world’s largest technology conference. You better believe that it’s going to be packed to the gils with highly actionable sessions and panels featuring a who’s who of today’s most seasoned industry leaders. Past panels that RingDNA has hosted alone have featured John Barrows, Aaron Ross, Elay Cohen, Craig Rosenberg, Heather R. Morgan and more!
Select Speakers: Melinda Gates (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation), Marc Benioff (CEO, Salesforce) and Tony Robbins

AA-ISP Inside Sales 2016

When: 9/8/16
Where: Boston
Why: AA-ISP is the leading association for inside sales professionals. Their conferences are guaranteed to be packed with industry leaders. This is a fantastic opportunity to network and learn from the best.
Select Speakers: Lori Richardson (Mid-Market Sales Expert) and Mark Kosoglow (VP Sales at Outreach)

CEB Sales and Marketing Summit

When: 10/8/16 – 10/10/16
Where: Las Vegas
Why: CEB has consistently offered some of the world’s leading research and insight into sales. CEB’s sales and marketing summit will feature top speakers.
Select SpeakerThe Challenger Sale author Brent Adamson and business author Nick Toman

Sales Management Association Sales Force Productivity Conference

When: 10/24/16-10/26/16
Where: Atlanta
Why: The Sales Management Association’s 6th Annual Sales Force Productivity Conference is sure to be a prime networking event! Though it’s a smaller conference, it should boast some top-tier speakers.
Select Speakers: Bob Kelly (Chairman, Sales Management Association), Jason Jordan (Vantage Point Consulting) and Bob Sanders (CEO, Axiom Sales Force Development)

Forrester Customer Executive Summit

When: 11/1/16 – 11/3/16
Where: Dana Point
Why: Customer success is one of the most important aspects of B2B sales (after all, customer retention can often be more lucrative than customer acquisition). This summit will focus on customer success and offer some strategies that can potentially help your sales team rethink and evolve your interactions with customers.
Select Speakers: Linda Boff (CEO, GE) and Mark King (President, Adidas North America) and

Inbound 2016

When: 11/8/16 – 11/11/16
Where: Boston
Why: Sure, Hubspot’s annual conference started as an event for inbound marketers. But as Hubspot’s product has expanded this conference has evolved to include plenty of content for sales professionals. Past speakers have included such sales luminaries as Jill Konrath and Jill Rowley.
Select Speakers: Alec Baldwin, Gary Vaynerchuk and Dharmesh Shah & Brian Halligan (Co-founders, Hubspot)

Inside Sales World

When: 11/15/16
Where: Dublin, Ireland
Why: AA-ISP’s conference is sure to be one of Europe’s premier gatherings of inside sales leaders. The conference will explore the latest tips, technologies, and proven best practices for solving today’s toughest challenges and issues.
Select Speakers: TBD

Sales Hacker

When: TBD 2017
Where: TBD
Why: Sales Hacker has been putting on some amazing events lately! As an example, Sales Hacker’s recent Sales Machine conference boasted some amazing speakers including Ariana Huffington, Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin, Trish Bertuzzi and many more. Stay tuned for any conferences they announce for 2017, as they are bound to be stacked with interesting guests.
Past Speakers Included: Arianna Huffington (Huffington Post), Gary Vaynerchuck and Seth Godin


When: 2/7/17-2/9/17
Where: San Francisco
Why: SaaStr 2016 was one of the most inspiring conferences of the year, and next year’s event will probably be even better. This conference is basically a must for sales leaders who are selling SaaS, as it offers a nearly-unparalleled chance to network with decision makers at some of the world’s top companies.
Speakers Include: Jeff Lawson (CEO, Twilio) and Dharmesh Shah (Co-Founder, Hubspot)

TOPO Sales Summit

When: TBD 2017
Where: TBD 2017
Why: TOPO is one of the world’s fastest growing sales organizations. Each year their events are getting better and better. It will be very interesting to see what they have in store for us next year!
Past Speakers Included: Doug Landis (VP Sales, Box), Scott Keane (Director Demand Generation, Google) and Ted Purcell (VP Sales, Marketo)

Sales 2.0 Conference

When: TBD 2017
Where: San Francisco
Why: Sales is changing fast! This conference will get to the heart of how sales leaders need to evolve to beat the competition and sell more over the next coming quarters.
Past Speakers Include: The Bridge Group’s Trish Bertuzzi

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments!

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