• RingDNA is our top sales technology investment.

    Dallas Hogensen
    Head of Commercial Sales, Lyft

  • RingDNA is the best product we evaluated, helping us to be exponentially more productive and book 81% more meetings.

    Kyle Coleman
    Director, Sales Development, Looker

  • We’re having 50% more conversations with key decision makers at enterprise companies. RingDNA is our most instrumental and important investment.

    Babak Batkube
    Head of Inside Sales, Netskope

  • RingDNA has made our reps 40% more productive and given us the ability to respond to leads much faster than ever before.

    Evan Hanson
    VP Sales, iCracked

  • We’re making three times as many calls and seeing a 2X lift in call pickup rates. RingDNA was our best sales productivity investment this year.

    Scott Clugston
    Director Sales, FreshBooks



Reach more prospects by phone. Convert more inbound calls to customers. Sell more.

    • Local Presence Dialing
    • Outbound & Inbound Call Tracking
    • Voicemail Drop
    • Automated Call Logging
  • RingDNA Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce
  • Have 400% more sales conversations. Dial domestic and international prospects from local numbers.
    Know who is calling and what to sell them before picking up the phone. See the campaign, ads or keyword that triggered inbound calls.
    Leave pre-recorded voicemail messages with one click. Save reps hours every week.
    Completely eliminate manual call logging. Log 100% of inbound and outbound calls in Salesforce automatically.
  • Engage

    Know who you’re talking to, what they want, and what to sell them.

    • Buyer intent data
    • Content engagement
    • Contextual history
    • CTI for Salesforce
    • Dynamic sales scripts
    • Smart inbound call routing
    • Social account data


Monitor live or recorded calls across your entire team.

    • Call analytics
    • Call recording
    • Call monitoring
    • Supervisor notes
  • Monitor live or recorded calls across your entire team.

RingDNA Sales Acceleration Customer Heroes

Using RingDNA, our sales reps went from making 30-40 outbound calls per day to 90-100 calls per day. With RingDNA Local Presence, our call pickup rates went from 11% to 21%. Overall, RingDNA was our best sales productivity investment this year.

RingDNA has given us the ability to measure call data for the first time in our history. It helps us understand how we can be more successful and what activities we need to drive.

There are a bunch of things we could learn as an industry from RingDNA in terms of seeing the opportunity of mixing two pieces of data, how these things collide, and how we get them to customers. I would challenge anybody to check them out because ultimately the end result is key, and I think everybody would be impressed.

Simply the best inside sales solution for Salesforce. With RingDNA, our team is reaching customers much more often and winning more deals. The streamlined visibility into all our call conversion metrics is an incredibly powerful benefit.

RingDNA transforms our old way of doing business. Conversion from lead to customer is happening at a much faster rate. Every day I am blown away by the transformation that is taking place!

RingDNA is the amazing integration of a call center with CRM, call tracking, and marketing analytics all in one.

RingDNA has been absolutely essential to our growth. Because we have a presence in both Europe and the U.S., we were relieved to find an inside sales solution that not only understood our needs as an international tech company, but also worked so seamlessly with Salesforce.

RingDNA is essential to our sales and marketing engine, speeding our sales cycles and giving marketing visibility into the investments that deliver ROI.

RingDNA has helped us accomplish our weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual goals. Our reach rate has improved dramatically and our reps have been far more productive. I’m a big believer in RingDNA.

I have used InsideSales.com, Ring Central and Five9 in the past, and now we have the team on RingDNA. It’s our top sales technology investment, helping to drive 300% more revenue.

RingDNA call data is something we could not live without. And thanks to the improved call connection rates from Local Presence, our reps are now able to spend twice as much time actually engaged with prospects by phone.

RingDNA is the best product we evaluated, helping us to be exponentially more productive and book 81% more meetings. Hands-down the top workflow of any telephony solution we explored.

I have rolled out RingDNA to multiple clients. In all cases it was a fast deployment experience. RingDNA offers rich call data, flexible telephony options, and best in class inbound and outbound sales enablement features that enable sales teams to have more meaningful conversations with more prospects. I highly recommend their CTI solution for Salesforce.

Awesome Salesforce Telephony Solution. With RingDNA, our team is reaching customers much more often.

RingDNA has helped our reps respond to leads faster and connect with more prospects while offering the real-time performance metrics we need to coach our team more effectively.

Scott ClugstonScott Clugston
Director Sales
Tom KingsfordTom Kingsford
WW Inside Sales Manager
Fernando LuciniFernando Lucini
Chief Technology Officer
Sean WhiteleySean Whiteley
Founder, GetFeedback
Tony BanksTony Banks
Broker Owner
Jeff LawsonJeff Lawson
Jouko KaasilaJouko Kaasila
Founder, COO
Andrea MasseyAndrea Massey
Senior Vice President
Todd RichardsonTodd Richardson
Director of Inside Sales
Dallas HogensenDallas Hogensen
Head of Sales
Erik KostelnikErik Kostelnik
Global Sales Director
Kyle ColemanKyle Coleman
VP Sales
Paul FischerPaul Fischer
Saleforce Consultant
Avi TalAvi Tal
Sarah Meyer BottorffSarah Meyer Bottorff
Director of Marketing

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