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What Can You Do with RingDNA?

Outbound Sales  |  Inbound Sales

Dial 300% More of the Best Leads With Our Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce

Connect With at Least 57% More Prospects With Local Presence Area Code Dialing

Gain 20% More Time to Accelerate Sales With Automated Voicemail and Salesforce Automation

Convert 30% More Inbound Callers Into Customers With Prioritized Lead Routing

Know Who’s Calling and What to Sell Them With CTI Screen Pop & Advanced Caller ID

Discover Which Marketing Efforts Drive the Best Calls With Intelligent Call Tracking for Salesforce

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20 Top Sales Leaders Reveal Their Biggest Productivity Secrets

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How to Maximize Response Rates From Sales Voicemails

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Make More Calls and Close More Deals with RingDNA’s Auto Dialer for Salesforce

RingDNA’s inside sales software enables sales reps to maximize sales performance. Our auto dialer empowers reps to dial leads directly from Salesforce with one click and save time by leaving pre-recorded vociemails. RingDNA’s local presence dialing enables reps to connect with more than 57% more leads by automatically dialing from local area codes. RingDNA’s CTI also saves reps valuable call prep time by delivering sales intelligence data about prospects from Salesforce, social media, Chatter and other rich sources of enterprise data.

Optimize Inbound Conversions with Call Marketing Automation

RingDNA maximizes inbound sales by automatically routing callers to the right specialists. The moment the phone rings, RingDNA lets reps know who is calling, as well as which marketing campaign, website or paid search keyword triggered a call. Our CTI pops rich customer data from Salesforce, social media and other sources. We also deliver intelligent sales scripts based on a caller’s marketing referral source. Automated reporting makes measuring calls as easy as measuring online metrics like clicks and form conversions.

Discover Your True Marketing ROI with Call Tracking for Salesforce

RingDNA’s Salesforce call tracking app empowers you to report the ROI of every phone call. Easily provision smart numbers with our phone call tracking systems in order to gain instant visibility into the impact of any online or offline effort on phone calls. Since our cloud call tracking software was built to effortlessly sync with Salesforce, you’ll not only see which efforts are driving calls but you’ll also be able to see the leads, opportunities and revenue that result from each call from any source, including AdWords, organic search, social media, TV, radio and more. Find us on Google+