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  • Scott Clugston

    Using RingDNA, our sales reps went from making 30-40 outbound calls per day to 90-100 calls per day. With RingDNA Local Presence, our call pickup rates went from 11% to 21%. Overall, RingDNA was our best sales productivity investment this year.

    Scott Clugston
    Director Sales, FreshBooks

  • Fernando Lucini

    There are a bunch of things we could learn as an industry from [RingDNA] in terms of seeing the opportunity of mixing two pieces of data, how these things collide, and how we get them to customers. I would challenge anybody to check them out because ultimately the end result is key, and I think everybody would be impressed.

    Fernando Lucini
    Chief Technology Officer, Big Data at Hewlett-Packard

  • Sean Whiteley

    Simply the best inside sales solution for Salesforce. With RingDNA, our team is reaching customers much more often and winning more deals. The streamlined visibility into all our call conversion metrics is an incredibly powerful benefit.

    Sean Whiteley
    Founder, GetFeedback & Former GM, Salesforce

  • Paul Fischer Administrator, Bernard Health

    300% more prospects are picking up their phones thanks to RingDNA’s local presence feature. This tool is amazing, and the team that develops and supports it is even better!

    Paul Fischer
    Salesforce Administrator, Bernard Health

  • Tony Banks

    RingDNA transforms our old way of doing business. Conversion from lead to customer is happening at a much faster rate. Every day I am blown away by the transformation that is taking place!

    Tony Banks
    Broker Owner, REMAX Cornerstone

  • Jeff Lawson

    RingDNA is the amazing integration of a call center with CRM, call tracking, and marketing analytics all in one.

    Jeff Lawson
    CEO, Twilio

  • Adam Melrose

    Local presence has been a great tool in the effort to reach more and more qualified prospects. My team found that almost immediately, they were connecting to more locations when outbound calling. When given the option to turn it off for a while to test, all of my reps requested that we keep it going!

    Adam Melrose
    Sales Director,787 Networks

  • Jouko Kaasila

    RingDNA has been absolutely essential to our growth. Because we have a presence in both Europe and the U.S., we were relieved to find an inside sales solution that not only understood our needs as an international tech company, but also worked so seamlessly with Salesforce.

    Jouko Kaasila
    Founder/COO, BitBar

  • As a high volume outbound call center, we needed a way to integrate a sales acceleration tool with our CRM in order to reach our clients more efficiently. We have found RingDNA to be an excellent tool with which to maximize our sales success.

    Nivien Goodwin
    Vanguard Media

  • Andrea Massey

    RingDNA is essential to our sales and marketing engine, speeding our sales cycles and giving marketing visibility into the investments that deliver ROI.

    Andrea Massey
    Senior Vice President, RealPage

  • Dallas Hogensen

    RingDNA has helped us accomplish our weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual goals. Our reach rate has improved dramatically and our reps have been far more productive. I’m a big believer in RingDNA.

    Todd Richardson
    Director of Inside Sales, PayNearMe

  • Dallas Hogensen

    I have used Inside sales, Ring Central and Five9 in the past, and now we have the team on RingDNA. It has been an fantastic experience. Really the best product that I have used with SFDC. I'm always looking for new ways to help our sales reps sell more. This app gave us great insight into our inside sales reps' productivity.

    Dallas Hogensen
    Vice President of Sales & Expansion, iCracked Inc

  • Erik Kostelnik

    RingDNA call data is something we could not live without. And thanks to the improved call connection rates from Local Presence, our reps are now able to spend twice as much time actually engaged with prospects by phone.

    Erik Kostelnik
    Global Sales Director, Wrike

Discover Your True Marketing ROI with Call Tracking for Salesforce

RingDNA’s Salesforce call tracking app empowers you to report the ROI of every phone call. Easily provision smart numbers with our phone call tracking systems in order to gain instant visibility into the impact of any online or offline effort on phone calls. Since our cloud call tracking software was built to effortlessly sync with Salesforce, you’ll not only see which efforts are driving calls but you’ll also be able to see the leads, opportunities and revenue that result from each call from any source, including AdWords, organic search, social media, TV, radio and more. IVR and advanced call routing is included. Call tracking metrics are essential for any inbound marketing automation solution such as Marketo, Pardot or Eloqua.

Convert Inbound Calls Into Revenue with RingDNA’s CTI for Salesforce

RingDNA maximizes revenue from inbound calls by automatically routing callers to the perfect specialist or call queue. The moment the phone rings, RingDNA’s advanced caller ID lets reps know who is calling, as well as which marketing campaign, website or paid search keyword triggered a call. Our CTI screen pops intelligent talking points and rich customer data from Salesforce, social media and other sources that helps reps deliver the right messages. RIngDNA can even transfer calls to mobile devices thanks to our mobile sales app. Call monitoring and automated call recordings enable managers to ensure call quality. And when reps need help closing deals, sales managers can whisper or barge in to offer assistance. Best of all, real-time call metrics and automated Salesforce reporting make measuring calls as easy as measuring online metrics like clicks and call conversions.

Optimize Inbound Conversions with Call Marketing Automation

RingDNA’s Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce is the cornerstone of our sales acceleration engine. RingDNA’s suite of sales tools transform more outbound calls into revenue. Thanks to lead prioritization, your reps will spend more time talking to the hottest prospects. With click-to-call, reps can power through lead lists in Salesforce. Local presence empowers reps to connect with 57% more of those key decision makers by dialing from local area numbers. Inside sales reps can even access all of the powerful features of our auto dialer for Salesforce on the go by downloading our mobile sales app. The dialer’s sales automation features such as automated voicemail, automatic call logging, call disposition, call ratings, and automatic call recordings minimize manual data entry and give reps more time to sell.

Gain Performance Insight with Sales Acceleration Software for Salesforce

RingDNA’s inside sales software provides sales managers with the management insight they need to ensure that every rep rocks revenue. RingDNA’s Salesforce Appexchange reports and dashboards will crunch call analytics and sales metrics for you. Our call metrics not only show you which reps are most efficient, but will also enable you to draw a clear line between reps’ call activities and revenue. Our call performance dashboards in Salesforce help sales teams predict how much revenue their team is on pace to close. What’s more, sales efficiency metrics – combined with automated call recording in Salesforce – empower reps with the analytics they need to coach underperforming reps to success. Find us on Google+