20 Top Sales Leaders Reveal Their Biggest Productivity Secrets

  • 20 Top Sales Leaders Reveal Their Biggest Productivity Secrets

    What strategies, tactics and tools differentiate the world’s top sales leaders from the rest of the pack?

    We asked 20 top sales experts to share their latest and greatest productivity secrets. Inside, bestselling authors, lead generation experts and CEOs reveal what it takes to crush quota and transform startups into billion-dollar enterprises.

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    • Kraig Kleeman
      Named one of the top 20 sales professionals by Forbes
    • Babette N. Ten Haken
      Author of Do You Mean Business?
    • Aaron Ross
      Author of #1 bestseller Predictable Revenue
    • Elay Cohen
      Author of SalesHood: How Winning Sales Managers Inspire their Teams to Succeed
    • Craig Wortmann
      CEO, Sales Engine
    • Penny Herscher
      CEO, FirstRain
    • Peter Gracey
      Co-Founder, AG Salesworks
    • Mark Organ
      CEO, Influitive
    • Scott Sambucci
      Founder, SalesQualia
    • Matt Heinz
      President, Heinz Marketing Inc.
    • John Barrows
      Sales trainer to the world’s leading tech companies
    • Dave Brock
      President, Partners in EXCELLENCE
    • Sharon Drew Morgen
      Author of Dirty Little Secrets: Why buyers can’t buy and sellers can’t sell and what you can do about it
    • Kyle Porter
      CEO, SalesLoft
    • Craig Elias
      Author of SHiFT
    • Dayna Rothman
      Author of Lead Generation for Dummies
    • Mike Bosworth
      Founder, Mike Bosworth Leadership
    • Geraldine Gray
      Principal Consultant, Endiem
    • Kathleen Steffey
      CEO, NavigaServices.com
    • Howard Brown
      Founder and CEO, RingDNA