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Tips for Maximizing Teamwork and Productivity

With Remote Sales Teams

Andy Paul

2X Bestselling Sales Author

Alicia Woerner

Inside Sales Development Manager, Nutanix

Howard Brown

Founder and CEO, ringDNA

William Tyree

CMO, ringDNA

Inspiring Leadership Through Challenging Times
In this session, we ask leaders how they have weathered the storm in past crises and what advice they would have for peers who find themselves in uncharted territory.
Keeping Prospecting Fun
Prospecting can seem like one of the hardest jobs of a sales rep, and that difficulty is multiplied when selling during a challenging economic climate. In this session, Morgan reminds us that cold prospecting is still just human-to-human communication, and unlocks the ways that reps can follow to keep cold calling fun and stay above the noise.
Poorly Positioned: Ask Your Reps These Questions to Close Deals Faster
Imagine if you had some magic to coach them to get deals unstuck. What if they could move deals along faster? The magic is in the questions you ask your salespeople about their deals. They will get more deals closed more quickly if you ask them the right questions. Discover these benefits of asking your salespeople the right questions: – A shorter sales cycle – More accurate forecasting – More closed deals
Using Video to Grow Marketing & Sales Momentum
While prospects are becoming more accustomed to video, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ample opportunities to capture their attention with a dose of creativity. This session with Tyler Lessard will detail how creative approaches can still win, even in a video-saturated environment.
The Future of Sales, Prospecting, and Storytelling
The four top-rated sales authors according to over 7,000 votes from the ringDNA Sales Madness competition come together with Andy Paul to talk about the future and what it means for salespeople.
Predictable Revenue in Unpredictable Times
In this session, you’ll learn: Strategies you can start implementing today to adapt to the new normal, what’s changed in sales over the last couple of weeks, the Beginning of the end of “copycat success,” how to make a lasting impression on your employees during these times of crisis.
How Every Company Must Adapt To The Next Normal
In this session, ringDNA CEO Howard Brown, Craig Rosenberg, Chief Analyst at the leading sales analyst firm TOPO, and bestselling author Andy Paul will discuss what the future of business will look like and how sales teams can find success in “The Next Normal”.
The Future of Sales
Top sales and marketing leaders have spoken. Our recent survey of over 1,000 sales and marketing leaders revealed exactly how your peers think remote work, AI, the Covid-19 pandemic and other factors will impact sales and marketing throughout 2020 and beyond.
The Psychology of Sales in Uncertain Times
In this webinar, sales expert and mental health advocate Richard Harris and ringDNA Founder and CEO Howard Brown (a clinical psychologist and licensed therapist) will discuss how sales reps can find and stay in the giving mindset that will make them successful, as well as how to properly manage the multitude of emotions and stressors they likely have, and will encounter in the coming weeks to months.
Positioning Sales and Marketing for What’s Next
In a rapidly changing economic environment, the future of sales and marketing is getting more human, not less. Now more than ever, buyers demand real-time experiences that are contextually relevant and authentic. Join our all-star panel to discuss specific approaches, tactics and technologies that teams can apply right now.
The Top 10 Remote Sales Coaching KPIs and Tools Managers are Using Right Now
Be the first to see breaking data that reveals how sales managers have adjusted to a fully remote environment.
Tips for Maximizing Remote Teamwork and Productivity
How can you keep people engaged and feeling like they are a part of something bigger than their own four walls? What does coaching look like when you are not sitting next to your employees? In this webinar, learn how to make remote teams more successful than ever before.