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Tips for Maximizing Teamwork and Productivity

With Remote Sales Teams

Andy Paul

2X Bestselling Sales Author

Alicia Woerner

Inside Sales Development Manager, Nutanix

Howard Brown

Founder and CEO, ringDNA

William Tyree

CMO, ringDNA

The New Way of Thinking About Account-Based Engagement
Now, more than ever, account-based engagement is likely to be an important strategy for marketers and salespeople alike. In this session, Jon Miller, founder of Marketo and current CEO of Engagio, and William Tyree, CMO of ringDNA, will discuss what account-based engagement means in a changing economy, and how teams are most likely to be effective employing some variation of these strategies.
Selling in 2020 During a Crisis
Learn what other software companies are doing as they move through the various CoVid Crisis Stages for selling. Lori Harmon, VP of Cloud Sales at NetApp will share their journey moving through the initial crisis sales stages, what has worked and what hasn’t.
Tips and Tricks to Pivot Live Sales Events
Encountering change and managing through it is a critical part of “getting it right” for an Enablement practitioner. Lately, these skills seem to be put to the test more often than not. Pivoting live sales events like boot camp, kickoff, and team offsites to a virtual environment is daunting at best! Join Meganne and Bryan for a tactical discussion on how you can adjust your approach to improve the experience for your sellers while maintaining your culture standard and providing a springboard for future success.
How to Prioritize Virtual Selling on Accounts with the Highest Likelihood to Buy
In uncertain times, the evolving norms of virtual work and social distancing have suspended B2B face-to-face sales and marketing efforts, creating demand gen and pipeline gaps for most businesses. In this session, we’ll show you how you can close these gaps by using technology intelligence to successfully shift your resources and reprioritize your sales and marketing efforts in this increasingly virtual business climate.
No Touch Selling: How to Use (simple) Technology to Sell at a (social) Distance
Join Victor Antonio to learn how to properly sell from a distance. From camera setup, to lighting, to how to read body language through a screen, Victor will help you sell more effectively.
Rejection Reality: The Keys to Handling No’s in Sales
To some extent, salespeople have struggled with rejection since traditional sales began. The current sales reality is there will be far more no’s than yeses, making this issue more important than ever. Andrea Waltz will help change how you deal with this obstacle including what it means to go for no, finding value from a no, and how to stay off the yes/no emotional rollercoaster.
Inspiring Leadership Through Challenging Times
In this session, we ask leaders how they have weathered the storm in past crises and what advice they would have for peers who find themselves in uncharted territory.
Keeping Prospecting Fun
Prospecting can seem like one of the hardest jobs of a sales rep, and that difficulty is multiplied when selling during a challenging economic climate. In this session, Morgan reminds us that cold prospecting is still just human-to-human communication, and unlocks the ways that reps can follow to keep cold calling fun and stay above the noise.
Poorly Positioned: Ask Your Reps These Questions to Close Deals Faster
Imagine if you had some magic to coach them to get deals unstuck. What if they could move deals along faster? The magic is in the questions you ask your salespeople about their deals. They will get more deals closed more quickly if you ask them the right questions. Discover these benefits of asking your salespeople the right questions: – A shorter sales cycle – More accurate forecasting – More closed deals
Using Video to Grow Marketing & Sales Momentum
While prospects are becoming more accustomed to video, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ample opportunities to capture their attention with a dose of creativity. This session with Tyler Lessard will detail how creative approaches can still win, even in a video-saturated environment.
The Future of Sales, Prospecting, and Storytelling
The four top-rated sales authors according to over 7,000 votes from the ringDNA Sales Madness competition come together with Andy Paul to talk about the future and what it means for salespeople.
Predictable Revenue in Unpredictable Times
In this session, you’ll learn: Strategies you can start implementing today to adapt to the new normal, what’s changed in sales over the last couple of weeks, the Beginning of the end of “copycat success,” how to make a lasting impression on your employees during these times of crisis.