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How To Run The Perfect Sales Contest (And Change Your Team Forever)

Do you have a fool-proof plan for running your most engaging and effective sales contests? If not, Brian Trautschold (Co-Founder, Ambition) is here to lead the way. Since 2013, Ambition's been helping sales teams make the most of their sales coaching strategies and we've seen first-hand that a motivated team is a productive team that closes more deals. However, crafting contests and competitions that reinforce the right KPIs, lead to long-term behavioral change, and incentive your entire team is no small feat.In this session, Brian will share the perfect sales contest setup, best practices for running effective contests for any company size, tips to maximize the impact of your contests, and real-life sales contest examples from successful sales orgs like The Atlanta Braves, Highspot, Ambition and more.

Brian Trautschold

Co-Founder, Ambition