Webinar: How AI Improves Sales Calls

  • Beyond The Buzz

    There’s no doubt artificial intelligence has created a lot of buzz in recent years with its potential to change the way the world works and the future of careers. The question remains however – what can AI actually do for sales today?

    When it comes to inside sales, the answer lies in conversations. Sales organizations are using AI today to improve sales conversations, onboard new hires faster, and drive revenue growth. Innovative sales teams are also investing in tools that will scale with them – preparing them for new advancements in AI that are making a difference.

    Register now to hear Dan Gottlieb, Sr. Analyst on Sales Development from TOPO, Damian O’Farrill, AI and Salesforce expert from Autodesk, and ringDNA CEO & Founder Howard Brown discuss:

    • The surprising ways AI is changing human-to-human sales communication
    • Where sales teams can leverage AI today for revenue growth
    • How new sellers can ramp to revenue faster aided by machine learning
    • How will AI change the sales career landscape in the short and long term
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    Webinar Details

    Dan Gottlieb – Analyst, Sales Development Practice – TOPO
    Damian O’Farrill – Manager, Data Science and Product Management, Autodesk
    Howard Brown – Founder & CEO, ringDNA

    Register now to learn to look beyond the buzz into the future of AI & sales.