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The Ultimate Sales Call Evaluation Checklist

A newly hired sales rep spends a few weeks preparing, finally jumps on a call and sounds completely unprepared. Sound familiar?

You know that a rep needs help, but, when so much is wrong with a phone call, where do you begin? Do you address their overall tonality, opening remarks, or closing techniques? Do you help them ask better qualification questions or improve their knowledge of your product?

We created the Ultimate Sales Call Evaluation Checklist in order to help you transform newly hired or unsuccessful sales reps into winners. We’ve included a variety of categories that will help you quickly assess each rep’s strengths and weaknesses. Start by helping reps improve in the areas where they need the most help. And then, with targeted, incremental feedback, you can empower each rep to master every skill necessary to exceed quota.
Whether you’re leading a team of sales development reps or inbound lead qualification reps, this powerful cheat sheet will give you the fuel to ramp reps to their full potential, faster than ever.

Use your cheat sheet to identify areas for individual and team improvement, radically reduce reps’ time to quota, identify “model” sales calls that can be used to train reps, measure each rep’s progress over time, and evaluate call recordings as a team exercise.