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The B2B Target Buyer Persona Template for Inside Sales Teams

For decades, companies have been leveraging buyer personas to help employees understand their customers. And while these models may still be applicable to traditional consumer marketing, they just don’t work for B2B sales teams.

B2B buyers have different motivations and face different challenges. In addition, sales teams also have better tools that enable them to target based on factors that were previously impossible, such as funding history and technologies used. To that end, we’ve created a B2B Target Buyer Persona template.
This template was designed specifically to help inside sales reps at B2B companies do a far better job of targeting sales-ready prospects. This short, actionable template is the result of research to discover how today’s top performing inside sales teams target their hottest leads. Our templates focus on attributes most relevant to B2B sales reps, including company characteristics, roles and factors most contextually relevant to the sales process.