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What if you could radically shorten your sales cycle?

With ringDNA you can shrink sales cycles and close more deals faster

“Our reps are able to identify which follow-up activities are necessary in order to move leads from an inquiry to a meeting, and from there into an opportunity that turns into revenue.”

Dana Clark, Director of Sales Processes and Capabilities, Nutanix

Coach reps to close deals faster

Quickly pinpoint areas of improvement and measure progress over time to uplevel your team's performance. Know the messaging that top performers are using to move deals forward, and use that insight to coach reps how to close deals faster.

Conversation AI can scale best practices →

Effortlessly Keep Deals Moving Forward

Automatically ensure that reps confirm and secure next steps in every call. AI-powered real-time notifications can alert reps when they haven’t yet confirmed next steps at conclusion of a sales call. And reps can be alerted when they have gone a certain number of days without taking action on opportunities

The Intelligent Dialer and YODA AI can lead reps to revenue →

“Sales cycles are too long. You’re out of business if it takes 120 days to sell 20 grand. So what are you doing to shorten sales cycle length?”

Skip Miller, Author, ProActive Selling

Listen to the Podcast - Big Changes Needed in B2B Sales
Listen to the Podcast - Big Changes Needed in B2B Sales

See how implementing Conversation AI can dramatically shorten sales cycles

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“ringDNA helps us to maximize our ROI in Salesforce by ensuring the data we’re capturing is accurate and complete, providing us with a 360 degree view of the customer.”

Mark Petroni, Sr. Manager of Business Intelligence, OrthoFX

See why ringDNA is the #1 solution for Salesforce.
See why ringDNA is the #1 solution for Salesforce.

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See How ringDNA Can Help Your Team Close Deals Faster

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