• RingDNA Intelligent Dialer

  • The #1 Voice Solution for Sales Cloud

    Simply put, RingDNA is the most powerful sales voice solution for Salesforce customers. Dial leads directly from Salesforce. Capture more vital call data. Provide reps with game-changing data from Salesforce within the context of calls.

  • The Best Salesforce Integration on Earth

    RingDNA was built 100% for Salesforce customers. As a result, our Salesforce integration is second to none. All data flows between RingDNA and The Sales Cloud in real time, and your company’s telephony integration is as easy as installing an app.

  • RingDNA + Salesforce

  • The streamlined visibility into all our call conversion metrics is an incredibly powerful benefit.

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  • Connect Voice with Salesforce Your Way

    RingDNA offers WebRTC, SIP, SIP Trunking and a variety of additional options. Whether you’re looking to spin up a sales call center in your browser, or you’d like to connect to your mobile phone or desk phone, RingDNA is ready.

  • View Detailed Call Metrics in Salesforce

    As your reps use RingDNA, call data populates Salesforce reports and dashboards in real time. Call analytics give deep insight into how many calls reps are making, how quickly reps are following up with leads and which activities are driving the most sales revenue.

  • RingDNA Dashboards

  • RingDNA Google Chrome Extension

  • Lightning Fast Onboarding

    RingDNA can keep pace with your fast-growing sales team. Since RingDNA integrates so seamlessly with Salesforce, fully onboarding new sales reps takes less than five minutes. And thanks to real-time dashboards, managers can help new reps reach their potential faster.

Popular RingDNA Integration Points with Salesforce

  • Automatic Call Logging Automatically log a record of every inbound and outbound call.
    Call Analytics Dozens of inbound and outbound call performance metrics. See the full list.
    Call Dispositions Log a record of call outcomes with one click.
    Call Notes Save call notes as activity records.
    Call Rating Rate calls with one click.
    Call Recording Save a recording of every call.
    Chatter integration Add Chatter posts from your dialer.
    Click-to-Call Click to call leads from any list or report in Salesforce.
    Contact History View contact history including calls, emails, Chatter posts and more.
    Create Contacts Add new contacts right from your dialer.
    DialNext Dial down lists in Salesforce with one-click dialing.
    Edit contacts Edit existing contacts from your dialer.
    Email Logging Log emails to Salesforce.
    Related Salesforce Records Link calls with leads and contacts to specific opportunities or other Salesforce objects on the fly.
    Task Management Create and edit follow-up tasks from the dialer.

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RingDNA offers the industry’s leading voice integration for Salesforce. RingDNA’s telephony CRM integration automatically captures all vital call data in Salesforce. Other powerful sales automation features that sync with the Sales Cloud include the ability to log emails in Salesforce, create and edit tasks and view contextual data about prospects from Salesforce and Chatter. RingDNA was 100% built to work with Salesforce and our telephony integration is second to none.

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