• Sales Acceleration Software That Really Works.

    Make managing and qualifying leads super easy and efficient with ringDNA:

    • Connect with up to 296% more prospects
    • Book 81% more meetings by phone
    • Call, text, email, sequence, and more in one platform
    • Smarter coaching for more effective salespeople
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ringDNA Sales Acceleration Software Reviews

    • Empowered Outbound Prospecting

    • Inbound Calls Perfected

    • Comprehensive Sales Sequencing

    • AI-Fueled Sales Coaching

    • Complete Metrics Visibility

    • A Complete Sales Dialer That Accelerates Your Revenue

      ringDNA automates virtually every trivial task while ensuring that 100% of call activity is logged in Salesforce.

      DialNext with prospect history allows reps to dial more prospects while being more informed about who they call.

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    • Transform Sales Data Into Closed Won Deals

      As your reps connect with customers, RingDNA automatically captures every call, email and call recording in Salesforce.

      Best of all, raw data is made actionable, thanks to real-time reports and dashboards. As a result, you can coach your reps in real time to reach their potential.

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    Popular ringDNA Sales Acceleration Software Features

    • International Local Presence Dialing

      Automatically dial from local area codes in 50 states and 40 countries.

    • Automatic Task Logging

      Log all call data and email in Salesforce automatically.

    • Improve Messaging

      Listen to call recordings or monitor calls in real time.

    • Click to Call

      Dial leads from Salesforce with one click.

    • Voicemail Drop

      Leave perfectly recorded voicemails with one click.

    • Optimize Efficiency

      Real-time visibility into all outbound performance data.

    • DialNext

      Blitz through prioritized sales lists at light speed.

    • Go Beyond CTI

      Call history, emails, Chatter feeds and other activities deliver context with every call.

    • Ensure Fast Lead Response

      Know precisely how long it takes for each rep to respond to inbound leads.

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