• ringdna webleads

  • Instant Inbound

    Responding to an inbound form fill within five minutes increases the likelihood of contacting that particular lead by 22x. With ringDNA Webleads, hot inbound leads are instantly synced and displayed in the ringDNA intelligentDialer so sales reps can respond instantly and increase the chances of a win.

  • Rapid Response

    Hot leads are immediately synced with both ringDNA and Salesforce. They then are highlighted in the intelligentDialer with all necessary sales information. Reps can instantly place a call and contact an inbound lead in seconds.

  • RingDNA built for Salesforce
  • Increase ROI

    Get maximum ROI from your sales and marketing efforts. Marketing generated inbound leads are some of the most costly, ensure your team generates maximum ROI on marketing’s investment by converting leads quickly.

  • Better Inbound Conversions

    Instantly improve and measure your inbound lead response time. Through faster responses and inbound metrics, you can increase the conversion rates on your most valuable leads.


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ringDNA WebLeads instantly surfaces hot leads from priority lead sources in the intelligentDialer so reps can respond immediately. When leads are captured, they are synced with Salesforce and all relevant information is displayed to provide sales reps with contextual data for improved conversational quality.