ringDNA Reviews

RingDNA reviews and kind words from delighted customers.

  • Sarah Meyer Bottorff


    RingDNA has helped our reps respond to leads faster and connect with more prospects while offering the real-time performance metrics we need to coach our team more effectively.

    Sarah Meyer Bottorff, Director of Marketing

  • Scott Clugston, Director Sales


    Using RingDNA, our sales reps went from making 30-40 outbound calls per day to 90-100 calls per day. With RingDNA Local Presence, our call pickup rates went from 11% to 21%. Overall, RingDNA was our best sales productivity investment this year.

    Scott Clugston, Director Sales

  • RingDNA has made our reps 40% more productive and given us the ability to respond to leads much faster than ever before. What’s more, RingDNA’s extraordinary sales coaching tools have been integral to our new rep training program.

    Jason Chan, Head of Expansion & Analytics

  • Paul Fischer

    I have rolled out RingDNA to multiple clients. RingDNA offers rich call data, flexible telephony options, and best in class inbound and outbound sales enablement features that enable sales teams to have more meaningful conversations with more prospects. I highly recommend their CTI solution for Salesforce.

    Paul Fischer, Salesforce Consultant

  • Erik Kostelnik, Global Sales Director


    RingDNA call data is something we could not live without. And thanks to the improved call connection rates from Local Presence, our reps are now able to spend twice as much time actually engaged with prospects by phone.

    Erik Kostelnik, Global Sales Director

  • Karima Merchant, Business Development Rep Team Lead


    We love RingDNA and have our whole team using it! The Local presence feature has really helped us get hold of leads faster, increasing our conversion rates! Highly recommend it.

    Karima Merchant, Business Development Rep Team Lead

  • Tom Kingsford, WW Inside Sales Manager


    RingDNA has given us the ability to measure call data for the first time in our history. It helps us understand how we can be more successful and what what activities we need to drive. And with Local Presence, our team’s call connection rates have at least doubled.

    Tom Kingsford, WW Inside Sales Manager

  • Obaid Khan

    Keep Truckin'

    We switched from TalkDesk to RingDNA based on the strength of RingDNA’s Salesforce integration, and haven’t looked back. RingDNA is simply the best for Salesforce customers.

    Obaid Khan, Co-Founder

  • Neel Dhingra, Mortgage Banker

    All Western Mortgage

    We gain insight into which marketing efforts are working to get the most inbound calls, helping us ensure no leads fall through the cracks. RingDNA helps us generate more sales and revenue.

    Neel Dhingra, Mortgage Banker

  • Andrea Massey, Senior Vice President


    RingDNA is essential to our sales and marketing engine, speeding our sales cycles and giving marketing visibility into the investments that deliver ROI.

    Andrea Massey, Senior Vice President

  • Corey Zimmerman, Account Executive

    Happy Inspector

    RingDNA has helped increase my call volume by over 50%. As a sales rep, I’m closing more deals and have streamlined my outbound approach with RingDNA’s help. As an end user, I highly recommend their technology.

    Corey Zimmerman, Account Executive

  • Fernando Lucini, Chief Technology Officer, Big Data

    HP, Big Data

    There are a bunch of things we could learn as an industry from (RingDNA) in terms of seeing the opportunity of mixing two pieces of data, how these things collide, and how we get them to customers.

    Fernando Lucini, Chief Technology Officer, Big Data

  • Jouko Kaasila, Founder/COO


    RingDNA has been absolutely essential to our growth. Because we have a presence in both Europe and the U.S., we were relieved to find an inside sales solution that not only understood our needs as an international tech company, but also worked so seamlessly with Salesforce.

    Jouko Kaasila, Founder/COO

  • Sean Whiteley, Founder


    Simply the best inside sales solution for Salesforce. With RingDNA, our team is reaching customers much more often and winning more deals. The streamlined visibility into all our call conversion metrics is an incredibly powerful benefit.

    Sean Whiteley, Founder, GetFeedback a Campaign Monitor Company

  • Avi Tal


    Awesome Salesforce Telephony Solution. With RingDNA, our team is reaching customers much more often.

    Avi Tal, Co-Founder

  • Kira Vance, Director of Communications

    Lease Advisors

    RingDNA is extremely user friendly and helps to take segmentation and campaign analysis to another level.

    Kira Vance, Director of Communications

These RingDNA Reviews reflect our commitment to our customers’ success. All of our sales acceleration tools – including our Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce, Local Presence, voicemail automation, call tracking and predictive call analytics – are designed to help outbound and inbound sales teams maximize the revenue that they close.