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ringDNA Mission Control for Salesforce

Finally, A Sales Call Center Management Platform Built Just for Inside Sales Teams

Monitor Sales Rep Availability with Real-Time Insight

No matter how large or how distributed your sales call center is, ringDNA Mission Control puts you in the drivers’ seat. Know which reps are available, and which are on calls. Ensure that you always have enough reps available to handle inbound call volume.

Optimize Inbound Response

Dozens of real-time dashboards give you the power to monitor how many calls will come in each hour, how quickly your reps respond to them, call abandonment rates and much more. Ensure that your team is meeting and exceeding its goal.

Help Your Reps Close More Deals

With ringDNA’s sales performance management platform, you’ll always know which reps are on sales calls. Want to get more granular? Use your Intelligent Dialer to monitor live calls and provide reps with actionable feedback in real time. You can even join calls to help reps win important deals.

Never Leave Hot Leads Hanging

Sales-ready prospects only have so much patience. Right from Mission Control, you can automatically forward hot leads to the best available reps based on their marketing referral source. Reduce hold time, while ensuring that valuable leads are forwarded to skilled closers.

Take Your Sales Team’s Pulse with Real-Time Call Analytics

ringDNA’s corresponding call analytics empower you to optimize sales in real time. View customer hold times, call abandon rates and more. Provide customers with an unmatched experience.

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