Real Time by ringDNA

Navigate Conversations Like a Pro

Equip your reps with the best sales motions, messaging and call scripts at just the right time, all in real-time.

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With Real Time by ringDNA You Can

Exponentially Improve Rep Ramp Time

Arm reps with contextual sales content and messaging out of the gate, so they can win more deals.

Optimize Every Sales Motion to Improve Responsiveness and Outcomes

Respond with the right call scripts that are triggered based on context and insights from the conversation in real time.

Ensure Compliant Conversations From Anywhere

When the right words are required to meet regulatory compliance, Real Time automatically monitors and reminds team members of what to say before the call ends.

Contextualized Conversations at Every Step of the Sales Cycle

Real-time battlecards and messaging help your teams navigate and maximize even the toughest conversations.

Maximize Opportunity Progress

Research shows the likelihood of advancing a deal plummets when reps miss crucial steps.

ConversationAI can uncover that missing the words "demo", "meeting", or "calendar" on prospecting calls slows opportunity stage advancement by 29%. With Real Time, alerts keep reps on track for the right asks at the right time.

“ringDNA is a massive time saver.”

Ashley Margraf, Sales Manager, Fundera

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“ringDNA was our best sales productivity investment this year.”

Scott Clugston, Director of Sales, Freshbooks

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Maximize Responsiveness and Exceed Expectations

Notify reps of how to respond appropriately with call scripts that are triggered based on context and insights.

Compliant Conversations From Anywhere

Keep your organization at ease with instant alerts that surface and keep compliance top of mind.

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