What’s Your Unique Promise of Value? w/ John Smibert [Episode 321]

Among the many topics that John and I discuss are the importance of building your personal brand — your unique promise of value; how you as a salesperson can become a domain expert; and why every salesperson should publish on social media.

Joining me on this episode of Accelerate! is John Smibert, Co-founder and CEO of Strategic Selling Group.


Executives need to understand that empowering their people — with training — to build their personal brands, aligned with the organization brand, is the natural thing to do.

Companies should provide employees with social media guidelines, and not try to stop them.

Perhaps 95% of salespeople put generic profiles on LinkedIn, with no unique promise of value to their customers.

Why customers are not attracted to the ‘heroic’ stereotypes that many managers want in sales reps.

If you’re new to a company, how do you establish your unique promise of value to your customers?

Is Generation X inherently better than Millennials at building a personal brand?

Why every salesperson should publish, whether on LinkedIn, or a blog.

Why companies need to embrace personal branding of sales reps.