What Stand-up Comedy and Sales Have In Common. And How To Use That To Accelerate Your Sales w/ Butch Bellah [Episode 84]

In this episode, Butch Bellah, sales trainer, speaker and author of “Sales Management for Dummies,” talked about the unusual career path he followed from being a stand-up comedian to becoming a top sales expert and author. Along the way he learned some unique and insightful lessons about people that he teaches sales reps and sales managers across the country. Listen in as we talk about:

  • What being a stand-up comic taught Butch about selling
  • How to be rehearsed, but not scripted, for more effective sales conversations
  • Why your voice, and how you use it, is your strongest sales tool
  • Why it’s your fault if the prospect gives you their time, and you don’t win their order.
  • And what you can do to eliminate your excuses!
  • The most important lesson you need to learn to become a great sales manager.

Looking for a fresh perspective on sales? Then this episode is a must listen for any CEO, sales leader or sales rep.