Using Data to Drive Effective Coaching w/ Duncan Lennox [Episode 413]

In this episode, we unlock some of the data-driven secrets that top performers use in their sales coaching sessions.

Duncan Lennox is the CEO of Qstream.


Duncan is Co-Founder and CEO of Qstream, an enterprise SaaS company. Qstream helps companies drive capabilities of their sales force. Accelerate Episode 106 explains more on Qstream.

On average, how much time does a sales manager spend, coaching each rep?

Managers would benefit from data on the most effective coaching they can give. Why don’t managers coach better?

Inertia keeps organizations back. Two curves are crossing: the pain of the problem, and the ability to leverage data. There is a need to act, and data capture is one way.

Sales managers don’t have the data to know how to increases sales, and help reps succeed.

Qstream started with the goal of changing behaviors for good. From data they gathered, they saw a second use: data-driven coaching. This became The Coaching Hub.

The data is gathered from 3-minute tests the reps take. Scenarios are given, and the reps reply how they would act. What sorts of data do the results generate?

An average of 94% reps participate the day they receive a scenario. What else can participation reveal about a rep?

How does the dashboard inform the sales manager on the individual needs of the sales reps?

How did Qstream rule out the sales problem one company had assumed? How did they uncover the actual problem?

How does The Coaching Hub integrate with Salesforce? What kinds of triggers are available?

Duncan gives an example of Qstream and Salesforce integration to prompt an appropriate coaching response.

The Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul was formerly Accelerate! with Andy Paul.