Thinking Right Side Up About Sales w/ David A. Fields [Episode 458]

The customer is always a priority, but sometimes we can lose sight of that in sales. In this episode, we consider how to avoid that trap.

David A. Fields, speaker, consultant, and author of The Irresistible Consultants’ Guide to Winning Clients, joins me on this episode.


An irresistible consultant is one whose clients say, “I need to have you. I want you to help me solve my problem.”

David discusses how the heart of becoming irresistible is discovery.

We hear about listening all the time, but we are not particularly good at it. David shares a case study about thinking right side up in a meeting.

To succeed in sales, focus on the customer’s needs. This is a skill that can become a habit.

Right-side-up thinking means putting the customer first. David suggests developing one or two habits at a time. He gives an example of a right-side-up behavior.

David warns not to deflect customer invitations to talk about your company or product. Leave your agenda behind. Respond simply and appropriately. Say something like, “Here’s the problem I solve. These are the people I help.”

David speaks of responsiveness, relationships, and agendas. The value of relationships can be monetized.

The prospect has anxiety not only about their problems, but also about the risks and potential mistakes of the buying journey. You can address these anxieties.

It helps to be interested in other people. Cultivate this if it is not natural for you. As you become more interested, you will find it easier to pay attention to them.

David lists the six pillars of consulting success. The emotional pillars are built by paying attention to the prospect. Paying attention builds connection.

David uses 2X3 charts rather than quadrants, to map where the need is, or ‘where the fish are.’ Don’t try to create demand. Find the demand you can solve.

It’s easier to sell what people want to buy than to find people who want to buy what you’re selling. David shares a case study.

Most consultant skills and expertise are transferable between industries. You can pick up skillsets; you cannot create client problems. If you are trying to reach the wrong industry, find one more in need of your services.

The Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul was formerly Accelerate! with Andy Paul.