The New Economics of Field Sales, with Stephen Diorio [Episode 860]

Stephen Diorio is the Executive Director at The Revenue Enablement Institute. The pandemic has been an eye opener for business leaders, many are doubling down on changes made during the transition to remote selling in order to increase client access and coverage while retaining the cost savings. Stephen and I dig into whether it’s realistic to assume that remote selling can be a cure all and drive: (1) Revenue growth, (2) improved performance, and (3) improved productivity.

I have to admit that I’m fairly skeptical of some of this new found enthusiasm bosses have for remote selling. Remote selling is nothing new. Sellers have been doing it since Bell invented the telephone. And, In most cases I believe it’s going to be used a pretext for companies to continue to underinvest in developing the talents of our sellers. This is an interesting conversation about a topic front and center for many sales bosses.