The Habits and Skills that Accelerate Your Success w/ Bridget Gleason [Episode 309]

On this week’s episode, Bridget and I discuss, among other topics, the priority of habits before skills; time management habits and skills; and the superiority of sales conversations over scripted presentations.

Welcome to another Front Line Friday with my remarkable guest, Bridget Gleason. Join Bridget and me for this episode of Accelerate! to learn some foundational sales habits upon which productive sales skills can be built.


Andy introduces the topic — Sales Habits — and suggests that learning skills, without basic habits, is ineffective.

Bridget offers the first habit — organizing your calendar into blocks of planned activities.

Andy asks for ideas on how sales reps can improve their ability to engage with prospects.

An exercise you practice to learn how to lead with questions.

Why practicing skills and habits is an iterative process. It’s not a ‘set and forget,’ but a learning process to revisit and work on constantly, if you want to remain relevant and effective.

Andy and Bridget discuss the pitfalls of scripted questioning, and how opportunities may be lost by presenting, rather than engaging in conversation.

Why sales reps need to provide something of value, in every conversation with contacts and prospects, to help move them closer to making a decision.

Bridget recommends reading A More Beautiful Question: The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas, by Warren Berger, for learning questions to ask to extend the conversation.

Andy mentions learning keystone habits, such as responsiveness, from The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg.

Andy guarantees that if you commit yourself to being absolutely and completely responsive to your prospects and your customers at all times, you will find your level of success will go up.