The Best Practices for Sales Managers w/ Kevin F. Davis [Episode 416]

In this episode we unlock the methods sales managers can employ to multiply the output and effectiveness of their teams.

Joining me on this episode is my guest Kevin F. Davis, President at TopLine Leadership, and author of multiple books, including his latest, The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness: Ten Essential Strategies for Leading Your Team to the Top.


Kevin started selling for Lanier, and moved into their sales management, and then general management.

Kevin’s latest book comes from his years of specialized experience at TopLine, presenting skills workshops to groups of sales managers. His book shares what he learned in the process, to provide value to busy sales managers.

Sales managers need to stop and rethink their priorities.

Executives should evaluate burdens they place on sales managers. What is really important to a sales manager’s success? What happens when they spend time on coaching?

Kevin trains sales managers to lead themselves toward more observational sales coaching. Does a sales managers need to be everybody’s problem solver?

What are Kevin’s two magic questions to reply to a rep’s request for help? What question should sales managers ask themselves?

Sales managers hope that by solving reps’ problems, the reps will make more sales calls. Instead, the reps bring more problems. What happens when you take over for a rep?

The most successful people have the greatest difficulty giving up the things that made them successful to begin with. As a sales manager, stop selling. Let your sales reps sell.

Kevin discusses underperformance. What two perspectives does Kevin offer for observational coaching?

If sales managers can’t define a good attitude, they can’t nurture it. What trait precedes coachability?

Kevin talks about counterproductive behaviors of sales management. To build an elite team, which set of reps should be at the focus? Kevin explains about the ‘bell cow.’