Small Talk Leads to Sales Talk w/ Stephanie Melish. [Episode 409]

In this episode, we discuss what authentic sales and creativity can do to a sales pipeline.

Stephanie Melish is an inspirational speaker and certified business coach.


Stephanie learned sales, and is certified as a business coach and trainer. She wants to impact her community.

Stephanie finds the biggest challenge for salespeople today to be lack of experience. Stephanie’s experience came in fund raising. Some entrepreneurs have no sales experience.

What does Stephanie say about process, procedure, and scripts? What is the role of knowledge and authenticity?

Stephanie has suggestions to replace verbatim scripts. How does she feel when somebody reads at her?

To build rapport, embrace who you are, and learn who the prospect is. Know the area code you are calling, and current events there, like sports, and research the social profile of the person. Small talk leads to business talk.

Stephanie wrote an article on November 7, about her convictions on the election. What did she say that spiked her unsubscribe numbers?

Is it necessary for one woman to break a glass ceiling, either in politics, or in the sales profession? Stephanie urges people to continue to improve themselves, and put their work ethic to good use, to strive to get ahead independent of their gender.

Stephanie gives advice to females. Don’t think of sales as a dirty word. Salespeople build relationships. They don’t conduct transactions. Sales is a service. If you are excited about solving problems through relationships, that is sales.

Stephanie wrote about Scandal, and Olivia Pope. What is a fixer, and how is a salesperson a fixer in a positive way? Sales is leadership.

Stephanie discusses behaviors of a successful leader. What is most important?

How do you discover prospect expectations? How can unknown expectations derail a deal? How can you make sure that you exceed expectations?