SEO, Lead Generation and Sales Education w/ Gaetano DiNardi [Episode 729]

Gaetano DiNardi, Director of Demand Generation at Nextivajoins me on this episode.

Hey, I have another excellent episode lined up for you today. Joining me as my guest is Gaetano DiNardi. Gaetano is Director of Demand Generation at Nextiva. And we’re going to touch on a lot of topics today, sales training, high turnover rate in sales, search engine optimization, and Hip hop.

Now, Gaetano, if you don’t know, has a side hustle as a hip hop artist. You can check out his videos on LinkedIn and other places. And I absolutely love this.

Look, I love sales but we have a tendency to take it too seriously and it focused too much on it. And throughout my career, my experience has been that the most successful people I’ve known are those who have also cultivated some deep expertise or deep experience in something else. Some other field completely, like music or writing, athletics, whatever. And research has borne this out as well.

David Epstein writes about this in his new bestselling book, Range. And he talks about how experts reciting research about experts in the fields typically have developed deep proficiency in some other pursuit. And it talks about Nobel Prize winners that are great artists or great musicians and so on.

But basically, it’s a lessons applies to everyone. So I think you’ll enjoy Gaetano’s story about his music career, as well some great insights about sales.

All right. Let’s jump into it. Gaetano, welcome to the show.