Selling on LinkedIn w/ Dennis Brown [Episode 722]

Dennis Brown, LinkedIn sales consultant and author of The Ultimate Guide to Generating Inbound Leads with LinkedIn, joins me on this episode.


  • Selling is not about “fairness.” You don’t get the order if you don’t win the sale. Dennis shares his stand on pricing early in a conversation. “Here is why I’m more expensive.”
  • You can’t get a pricing objection from a qualified prospect. Qualify your prospects early. Find good prospects and don’t spend time with unqualified prospects whose primary concern is price.
  • Be proactive and declutter your pipeline. No stakeholder is served by a pipeline full of unqualified prospects.
  • Dennis talks about two problematic approaches salespeople use on LinkedIn — 1) treating it like a speed-dating app, 2) failing to create valuable content.
  • Dennis generated over 3,500 inbound leads in 2018 on LinkedIn, from content he created or curated. Video can have a great impact.
  • Build a network of relationships, not transactions. Share content that’s useful and valuable to the people in your network. They will engage when they find value in it. They will look at your profile to learn more.
  • As a seller, use LinkedIn as a career asset, not a job asset. Relationships you build will have value for the length of your career. Take the long view. Even if LinkedIn goes away, real relationships can last.
  • Some people don’t research. One rep reached out to Andy recently and asked if he’d ever thought of doing a podcast; he was selling a podcast opportunity. He didn’t know that Accelerate is a top-rated sales podcast.
  • Don’t spam LinkedIn accounts. It is a violation of the LinkedIn Terms of Service agreement. LinkedIn is serious about shutting down services that generate spam. Spam reinforces negative sales stereotypes.
  • Dennis foresees two upcoming trends — 1) LinkedIn Live Video will be a premium feature to build engagement. 2) Content creators will focus on interactively engaging with commenters on their posts.
  • Always have a content strategy. Keep the long-term view of providing value. 80% of Dennis’s content doesn’t talk about LinkedIn or social selling. He posts valuable, interesting content that is relevant to his target market.
  • Andy quotes Thomas Huxley — “In life, you should try to learn something about everything and everything about something.”