Scaling Your Client Gifts, with Kris Rudeegraap [Episode 749]

Kris Rudeegraap, CEO and Co-Founder of Sendoso, joins me again in this episode.


  • Sendoso sends digital and physical gifts for B2B sales, marketing, and customer success teams. Kris Rudeegraap and Braydan Young left jobs as account executives and co-founded Sendoso (originally CoffeeSender) in 2016.
  • CoffeeSender began by sending Starbucks gift cards. CoffeeSender expanded their gifts to a great variety of items and became Sendoso. Kris comments on how their company grew.
  • Kris explains the use cases he sees most often and how Sendoso is being used with TalkDesk, Outreach, and Salesforce.
  • Sendoso has gifts from about 500 merchants, including e-gifts, consumables, and hard goods. Sendoso also works with Amazon. Kris explains. Sendoso can include hand-written notes. Sendoso also inventories gifts.
  • Kris discusses the various categories and their popularity. About 50% are warehoused and print-on-demand items. The other 50% of sales are split about evenly between E-gifts and consumables. The staff does the taste tests.
  • Kris reveals the back-end of Sendoso: five warehouses around the world plus drop-ship partners for perishable and consumable goods. Sendoso built the software to run their infrastructure and a front-end Sendoso app.
  • Kris tells how Sendoso can be used in demand-generation marketing, situational gifting after a demo or to get a meeting, and for customer success. HR can use it for employee-to-employee sending.
  • Certain industries impose limitations on gifts and Sendoso tracks orders to work within compliance guidelines and validation rules.
  • Kris discusses ROI. Sendoso is scalable, compared to using in-house resources. Direct mail converts better than other channels; Kris’s customers are seeing success with gifts. Sendoso suggests gifts according to account needs.
  • What kinds of sales representatives get the best results from gifting? Kris shares some observations. Sendoso is putting together a data trends report.
  • Sendoso just raised $40 million in Series B Financing. They’re hiring across the board and investing resources into R&D. Kris shares his vision of growth for the next two years.
  • Unlike email, gift-sending has a cost, so market saturation is unlikely. Kris talks about personalization.