Sales/Marketing Alignment and Account-based Strategies w/ Justin Gray [Episode 448]

On this episode, we drive into the day-to-day processes of individual reps, searching for nuggets of wisdom and optimization.

Justin Gray, Co-Founder and CEO of LeadMD, joins me on this episode of #Accelerate!


Justin describes his two companies in brief, LeadMD and Six Bricks.

Justin wrote an article on trends to watch: Quality, Tribe, and Process. Justin discusses Quality. People are evaluating how much time they can put into building brands with awesome content. Justin considers quality of content.

How many emails should you send? How do you personalize 100K messages? Are your stacks set up to give you quick access to the data you need for personalization?

Justin says data is the key for email, but the needed data from accounting and email systems are difficult to curate.

Justin uses Engagio to tap into systems and retrieve essential data.

SMBs can pivot in an agile manner. Hubspot has articles about best practices for SMBs. SMBs can learn from the mistakes of the Enterprise. Gather web behaviors and cart behaviors, and capture data.

Build unity through trust. Are you all on the same mission? Justin evaluates five levels of Tribes.

ABM and ABE mean ABR, according to Trish Bertuzzi. Is anyone person driving the boat in a sale? Don’t stress attribution, but on engagement. Look at it from a team perspective. There are multiple touches in the process.

Justin talks about Process, regarding the buying committee, and mapping it to one or two people on the seller side. There should be no surprise decision makers that show up at the end of the deal, if you have an effective ABE Process.

Sales and Marketing alignment, means the entire organization, including Customer Success, agreeing on the ABE process, and how it unrolls. Everyone on the team has a role. How to measure them all still needs some definition.

Justin has some ideas on person-to-person engagement in sales. Justin talks about playbooks and plays, and measuring and recording activities.

Use the solution that fits the income from an account. Small accounts cannot support the ABM treatment. What can you afford to invest in this account that will make the biggest impact? Go and do that.

The Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul was formerly Accelerate! with Andy Paul.