Put the Customer First to Close More Sales Faster w/ Jeff Shore [Episode 410]

This episode finds us rethinking what it means to truly put the customer first to drive compelling results.

Joining me once again on this episode is my guest Jeff Shore, President and CEO of Shore Consulting, and author of multiple books, including Closing 2.0: How to Close More Sales Faster by Putting the Customer First.


Shore Consulting works with companies in the B2C space. They started in real estate, and have branched into other consumer areas, always focusing on the emotion-based sale.

Jeff explains how his new book, Closing 2.0, answers current questions on serving the customer’s buying journey.

What are two filters a salesperson applies when reading a sales technique book?

Jeff explores the meaning of ‘closing.’ What word would he have chosen instead of ‘closing’? What is the buyer’s ‘decision-making rhythm’?

Jeff discusses aspects of service and respect in the seller-customer relationship.

On Jeff’s book tour, when he asked audiences to describe ‘a salesperson,’ how did they respond? How did they then describe people they know personally, who sell?

Can a salesperson apply skills that are contrary to their authentic personality? How does a salesperson align behaviors and skills to core values?

What does Jeff mean by ‘agreement’? Who makes agreements, and what do the agreements accomplish?

How would you reverse-engineer your sales process to align with the buyer’s preferences? Jeff makes a suggestion.

What is the highest predictor of urgency in a buying decision? What is the role of future promise?

What factors should be evaluated and incorporated into the closing process?

Should your closing question be well-crafted?

The Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul was formerly Accelerate! with Andy Paul.