Process and Execution Rule in B2B Selling w/ Tibor Shanto [Episode 418]

In this episode we talk about mistakes sellers make, and how to get in contact with buyers who are not easily accessible via the traditional channels.

Joining me once again on this episode is my guest Tibor Shanto, author, speaker, trainer, and sales expert.


Tibor offers training, speaking, and coaching, and he writes. He helps B2B companies get new business through process and execution. “Everything else is just talk.”

Tibor comments on research about social media influence on B2B. Is the research relevant and reliable?

Some buyers enter the market on their own. Some do not, unless approached; and they may not be on social media.

When you start content marketing, what happens when you run out of content? Tibor shares his experiences.

Tibor does not seek pain points. What does he focus on, instead? How does he help prospects become buyers?

‘A’ players use tools to boost their success. ‘B’ and ‘C’ players hope tools will make them ‘A’ players. “‘C’ players should be seeking employment in the hospitality industry.”

A robust sales process that is followed, serves as a platform for coaching, hiring, and individual success.

Managers need to spend more time coaching their B players. 75% of their time should be coaching, but rarely is.

Some sales behaviors and traits can be taught. Can passion be taught? How does process help sales?

Statistics vary about buyers, regarding who initiates, and who is brought into the process. Embrace both types.

Sales complexity increases from the technology and apps being thrown at the reps to ‘help them.’ They hinder more than help. Look for helpful tech, not just new tech.

Tibor notes that tech doesn’t make the sale, but it does help reach the buyer. Learn to sell first, and tools can help.

The Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul was formerly Accelerate! with Andy Paul.