Perfect Your Screen-to- Screen Selling w/ Doug Devitre [Episode 446]

In this episode, we walk through some concrete steps that reps can take to power up their sales process and improve sales conversations.

Doug Devitre, Founder of Doug Devitre International, and author of Screen to Screen Selling, and wannabe sushi chef, joins me on this episode.


Screen to screen selling involves the latest technologies to communicate your message or sell your product.

Advances in technology have removed the fear of whether or not the connection will work. New avenues of creativity are opening. Video shows visual cues.

More companies are mainstreaming video conferencing into their strategy. There are numerous screen sharing technologies today. Doug explains some advantages of Zoom.

The best tool is the one the customer uses. Don’t make it unfamiliar to them. Doug says, if you can’t get your camera to work, you have a mindset problem!

The major solutions are easy to operate. Engagement goes up when you can see somebody. Prepare 30 minutes before the meeting, with your links and content.

Know the desired result of the call and have an agenda, then close down your instant messengers, so they don’t open in your sales presentation. Close windows except ones you will use. Don’t say, “Let me find that,” and waste time searching.

Hide your phone and distractions. Be ready. Maintain eye contact. Save visuals until the customer says, “Tell me more.” That gives you permission to show what you have.

Camera position is critical. You want to focus on the camera, so people see your eyes. Don’t have the camera in an awkward place. In a busy office, go to a conference room, or use a backdrop like Webaround. Use light, such as ChatLight.

Doug demonstrates screen sharing. Doug and Andy roleplay a sales call, with drawing on the fly, using Doceri.

Drawing on a sales call can reach multiple influencers at once in different locations.

Doceri can overlay your slideshow to make annotations based on customer responses. Doug suggests marketing and sales can collaborate closely to prepare the presentation, and save prospect time. Doug discusses tech.

Zoom can share your presentation as a PDF summary, including all the visuals diagrammed. Or use ringDNA ConversationAI for a recording and/or a transcription of the call.

The Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul was formerly Accelerate! with Andy Paul.