Outbound Sales As A Service: Is This The Better Way To Prospect? w/ Conor Lee [Episode 91]

In this episode, Conor Lee, founder and CEO of HipLead, talks about the emerging Outbound Sales As A Service (OBSaaS) model for prospecting and generating sales leads via outbound strategy. Combining expertise in big data and targeted email marketing, enterprises of all sizes are using Outbound Sales As A Service to scale their sales by taking over the top of the sales funnel. Among the many topics we discuss are:

  • How OBSaaS is different than outsourced lead generation
  • The situations where it makes sense to use Outbound Sales As A Service
  • The sales processes you need in place to leverage the prospects generated by an OBSaas company like HipLead
  • What HipLead can do that your SDRs can’t.
  • How OBSaaS supports the specialization of SDRs and (delays their early burnout)

If you’re in sales or sales management, then you definitely need to listen to this episode.