Marketing Into the Sales Funnel w/ Matt Heinz [Episode 335]

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Among the many topics that Matt and I discuss are how Full Funnel Marketing is a challenge to marketers; how to measure Marketing’s contribution to the pipeline; the challenges for integrating Marketing and Sales; and why so many sales reps have trouble selling the outcome vs their product.

Joining me for the second time on Accelerate! is my guest Matt Heinz. Matt is Founder and CEO of Heinz Marketing, and the author of Full Funnel Marketing: How to Embrace Revenue Responsibility & Increase Marketing’s Influence On Pipeline Growth & Closed Deals.


Matt, self-proclaimed B2B marketing geek, founded Heinz Marketing to help companies build and manage sales pipeline.

His book, Full Funnel Marketing, challenges marketers to think beyond traditional metrics, and to put their activities in line with the numbers the organization cares most about.

How can an organization measure Marketing’s contribution to pipeline?

What is the importance of understanding the buying committee? What does the buying committee care about at the earliest stage of the buying journey?

Why does Matt blur the line between Sales and Marketing?

Andy and Matt consider the ideal coordination of Sales and Marketing within an organization.

To integrate Marketing with Sales, there needs to be a common set of objectives, and a common set of definitions.

What training and knowledge should an SDR have about the industry into which they sell?

How much time do sales reps spend repurposing marketing content for their customer? How can this be fixed?

What ratio shows sales productivity?

What is the single biggest challenge facing sales reps today?