Make it Easy for Buyers to Do Business with You w/ Gavin Zuchlinski [Episode 415]

In this episode, we elaborate on making your value proposition more meaningful and believable for buyers.

Joining me on this episode is my guest Gavin Zuchlinski, Founder at Acuity Scheduling.


Acuity Scheduling is an online tool to help small businesses and professionals manage their day-to-day events. Clients book appointments, and calendars sync.

Gavin wrote Acuity for his mother’s business. He also tried it to generate leads for his own web development business, and that didn’t work, but people liked the product, so he grew it slowly, while still working in cyber security.

Acuity allows scheduling while you are not available to answer a call, with no back-and-forth. What kinds of sales uses has Gavin seen?

What important benefits has Gavin’s mother’s business received through using an online scheduler?

Gavin describes Acuity’s market: it is “vertical agnostic,” so it is useful in many environments. Acuity provides excellent customer support, and is lean, easy-to-use, and powerful.

Acuity principles: simplicity, brand customization, and automatic syncing to prevent double-booking of resources.

Gavin talks about time saved with online booking, and the convenience to the customer setting the appointment.

Gavin cites percentages of users who prefer to book online rather than calling for an appointment. He also mentions email notification of appointments.

By reducing friction for the prospect, you boost successful connections. What sort of approaches does Gavin suggest to promote online booking?

Acuity provides a variety of approaches and sequences to send appointment reminders.

Gavin covers some of the platforms with which Acuity integrates, either directly, or with a connector. Customer service can guide you for your specific application.

Gavin gives examples of custom uses, including bowling parties, donut delivery, salons, sales teams, and automatic setup of video meetings.

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