Join the Sales Rebellion, with Dale Dupree [Episode 713]

Dale Dupree, the legendary Copier Warrior, joins me on this episode.


  • Dale is known as the Copier Warrior, a title he picked up from selling copiers for his father’s company. Dale covers his career path (including lead singer in Heavy Metal band Imperial) from then until now.
  • Dale explains his vision for the Sales Rebellion, based on his sales walk. He emphasizes the humanity of “the true form of sales,” in cadences, processes, and interactions.
  • Selling is basic human interaction. Dale warns against having a selfish mindset. Technology can be a crutch.
  • Year after year, the percentage of reps making quota falls. Dale describes the questions sales reps ask him. He says their biggest problem is they have stopped thinking about the buyer. Downplay the processes and really interact.
  • Top performers are motivated more by service, accomplishments, and achievements than by money. The money comes after the performance.
  • Andy notes that training focuses on top-of-funnel activities but no one wins a sale on the initial outreach call. Training is needed in discovery, needs analysis, qualification, and disqualification. Sellers are ‘lost.’
  • Dale says salespeople don’t know how to set up a third appointment or a presentation close. They don’t know what questions to ask. Dale and Andy have had years where they didn’t make a cold call and still sold a lot.
  • Dale says the problem is people are looking for new ways to prospect because the old ways of prospecting aren’t working; they don’t think about what to do with the lead.
  • Instead of maximizing the number of people in the pipeline, try increasing the percentage of leads that close. Dale talks about hurdles along the sales process. Why does it get down to price? Are we buyer-centric?
  • Dale talked about the approach his father gave him one day: This is the price for these reasons. This is what I will do for you. It’s all about the relationship. When Dale approached the customer that way, the customer bought.
  • ‘Handling objections’ should be replaced with ‘answering questions.’ Every objection is really a question. Solve real problems for the customer.
  • Dale invites listeners to read his funny and wise copier sales stories at Dale Dupree on LinkedIn, follow him @SalesRebellion on social media, and listen to his Selling Local podcast.