Improve Call Coaching with Intelligent Call Summaries w/ Amit Bendov [Episode 461]

Amit Bendov, CEO and Co-Founder of, joins me on this episode.


  • Amit has a computer science degree, but concentrates on Sales, marketing, and leadership. is the fourth company he has led with great success. He reveals what led to the beginning of — looking for the key facts of a call.
  • works with phone calls. They plan to apply the same concepts to field sales calls in the future.
  • Amit sees the amount of activities preventing managers from having the time to coach field salespeople, as the biggest problem in sales. Reps learn by trial and error. If they are lucky, they are successful. There is no information exchange.
  • makes it easy to provide call coaching advice. All calls are automatically recorded, transcribed, and indexed, with the interesting parts highlighted, and then are shared with the right people.
  • Any platform communication, phone, GoToMeeting, Zoom, etc, is recorded.
  • Transcribing the call gives the AI better access for identification of parties and topics. The distilled information from the call is what is distributed to managers. Amit tells the factors that are counted in the distilled summary version.
  • Amit discusses linguistic cues picked up by That is the “secret sauce” in it, from the science of linguistics.
  • Within 5-10 minutes of the end of the call, the summary is sent to the rep and to the manager. If you use email, you can use The calls are indexed and can be searched for keywords, topics, specific questions, etc.
  • requires no process change, but it is a great trigger for playbook changes. A/B testing of topics is easy.
  • can provide clips of dialogs that had great success, and the manager can share these snippets with reps.
  • captures examples of how to ask the question, not just the gist of it. Also, the rep can review their own calls, and see where they could improve, and what they did well. tracks filler words, as well, to help you eliminate them.
  •’s ideal client profile is tech companies with at least 10 salespeople in the U.S. VPs of sales are the buyer. will expand to other industries.

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