How You Can Quickly Become An Incredibly Effective Cold Caller w/ Wendy Weiss [Episode 83]

In this episode, Wendy Weiss, President of Cold Calling Results, and also known as The Queen of Cold Calling, provides detailed information about how to become a truly effective prospector. Included among the subjects we discuss in this conversation are:

  • How to get into the right frame of mind to make cold calls. Anyone can do it!
  • Why there’s no difference between a warm lead or a cold lead,
  • The two biggest mistakes sales teams make when it comes to cold calling.
  • How to eliminate the twisted thinking that prevents sales reps from making cold calls
  • How to make certain that you’re targeting the right customers for your calls.

If you’re a sales leader, sales manager, or sales rep focusing on rapid lead response, this episode is definitely worth the investment of your time to listen.