How To Rock Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn w/ Viveka von Rosen [Episode 405]

In this episode, we discuss how a personal brand can drive sales success like never seen before.

Viveka von Rosen is a social selling expert, and author of a brand new book, LinkedIn: 101 Ways to Rock Your Personal Brand, Grow Your Network, and Build Your Business.


A LinkedIn specialist, Viveka writes about, talks about, and consults about, ways to help make LinkedIn work better for people. She is an expert in lead generation, social selling and social marketing on LinkedIn.

Viveka stresses the importance of your personal brand and to separate it from the brand of your employer. Your brand always stays with you, regardless of your job.

Building a personal brand is creating an online presence so that when people research you, your unique profile comes up. Add thought leadership in your area of expertise, with content. This strategy applies to sales, and career positioning.

If your LinkedIn profile dates back to the day you found LinkedIn, and you haven’t updated it since, when potential buyers or employers see it, they will assume it is your personal brand. Differentiate yourself, with expertise you have now.

Andy’s book Zero-Time Selling establishes that how you sell, starts with how you differentiate yourself to the customer. Who are you right now, to your target audience? What is the value to them in your brand? Re-engage them by asking.

Viveka gives keys to being memorable. Add a background image, in your colors, with your tagline, message and expertise. Strengthen your professional headline. Say in 120 characters who you are, what you do, and whom you serve.

Publish, in LinkedIn’s publishing platform, whether it be your own content, or, if you are not a content creator, curated content in your area of expertise. Content should all reflect the purchaser’s persona; their interests, and points of pain.

Only use your last name in the last name field. LinkedIn can hide your profile if you put a descriptor there. Anything besides your last name violates the user agreement.

Do your summary first in word processing, to catch errors, typos, etc., and add bullets and minor formatting. You can use 2,000 characters. Paste it into LinkedIn. Focus on solving the client persona’s key point of pain. Engage them.

Viveka says to put contact info in the header background image, summary section, and the contact me section. If you use a unique phone number or email, then you can track what business is coming from LinkedIn.

Your brand is what you stand for, in business. Leave politics and religion out. Share stories of the type of leadership you represent, that would engage your key customers. Your languaging and content are part of your brand.

By not publishing, you show to prospective clients a lack of curiosity and passion about your expertise. This is bad for your brand. Use a post from LinkedIn, or use Or use Google alerts for content.

The Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul was formerly Accelerate! with Andy Paul.