How to Prioritize Your Hottest Leads w/ Philip Schweizer [Episode 455]

In this episode, we discuss the value of the inbound lead, and what steps leaders should take to ensure they receive the treatment they deserve.

Philip Schweizer, CEO of SalesWings, a sales engagement company based in Switzerland, joins me on this episode.


Philip started selling at age 7. He took a shopping cart of items from the cellar to a village yard sale and sold almost all of it. He had fun, and saw he had a talent. After college he sold solar phone charging bags. He enjoyed working with people.

Philip started SalesWings as a way to help smaller companies make the best use of technology for sales. SalesWings prioritizes strong sales leads for an organization. He wanted to provide a simple alternative to earlier solutions.

SalesWings looks for buying signals of customers, through their website activity. Philip explains the principles, and application for B2B and B2C.

SalesWings integrates with Gmail, Outlook, and marketing solutions like MailChimp, Sendloop, etc., to identify leads initially.

Philip explains some of the tracking methods used to identify level of interest.

SalesWings has introduced the world’s very first LinkedIn Inmail lead tracking. Philip explores how it works.

Philip gives an example of tracking Inmail, and how that identifies interest, and improves responsiveness.

The clients for SalesWings are companies as small as one-person, and as large as 5K employees with an outbound sales team. The sweet spot is companies of 30-300 people who look to get a better view on the strongest leads, for less cost.

Simplicity makes the system more accessible to sales teams, without spending their time on analysis of leads. Some of the larger platforms take too much time to score leads. SalesWings works in real time, telling who is hot right now.

The leads from SalesWings are top-of-funnel. Philip discusses other technologies available that provide complementary functions mid-funnel.

Philip discusses the role of AI in sales. The last mile for AI is to translate data into actionable information for the company.

SalesWings claims a loyal customer base of people who need to prioritize leads quickly.

The Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul was formerly Accelerate! with Andy Paul.