How to Keep up With Digital Buyers w/ Javaid Iqbal [Episode 441]

In this podcast, we dive into the ever-evolving expectations and needs of our buyers in the digital world.

Javaid Iqbal, digital futurist, C-suite advisor on customer innovation, inspirational speaker and educator, longtime consulting executive with big five, a former customer engagement and success leader at, and now, co-founder of a digital transformation consultancy focusing on innovation in the customer space, joins me on this episode.


Javaid started at Ernst & Young, consulting on Y2K, then moved to PWC. He started some consultancies, began teaching, and then went to Salesforce, as well as consulting.

As buyers rely more on mobile technologies, the technologies change how buyers learn and buy. Customers have more power than ever before, and demand more service and innovation. Javaid tells a story about buyer expectations.

Javaid discusses how to get to ‘know, like, and trust,’ is a challenge in the digital market. He says that providing value is the key.

Javaid explains how CRM changed selling and customer success, and how global markets are catching up.

With new digital titled officers appearing in the C-suite, the buying committee is being redefined and redistributed. Javaid points out some confusion that obstructs companies from progressing. It’s late to be considering a digital strategy.

Javaid says the intersection of industries converging to enable a new process or product innovation is where the magic happens. He uses the example of Uber. This also changes the process of reaching and retaining customers.

The fourth industrial revolution is a hot topic. Marketing, sales, and service all move now in the same social channels. Javaid discusses in-app purchases and augmented selling.

As more augmented realities and technologies kick in, buying decisions will be more automated. Javaid discusses how companies will need to be ready and agile.

Sales today is covered with the fingerprints of the success, service, alliances, and leadership departments. Is the salesperson responsible for the close? The functions are blurring between sales, marketing, acquisition and retention.

Customer Success is now responsible for more revenue than New Business Development. Salesforce helped by providing a program architect to mentor the customer for a year. Javaid describes different data systems in play.

Customer Success gets to sell phases 2, 3, and 4 of a product. They have to be extremely savvy salespeople. Javaid points out that farmers are becoming hunter farmers. Sales compensation needs to be reviewed as responsibilities shift.

The Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul was formerly Accelerate! with Andy Paul.