How to Get the Biggest Return on Sales Training w/ Steven Rosen [Episode 337]

Among the many topics that Steven and I discuss are Steven’s rise from sales on the street, to a view from the C-suite; the conundrum of companies under-investing in the development of front line sales managers; various components of leader development and coaching; and what leaders can do, if they are not being developed by their company.

Joining me for the second time on Accelerate! is my guest Steven Rosen. Steven is the founder of Star Results, an author, speaker, trainer and expert on training sales managers.


Steven began in door-to-door, and worked up to the executive suites of two Fortune 500 companies. He started Star Results in 2003 to help sales leaders crush their numbers.

Ways that Steven pushes to transform managers.

What is one of the biggest challenges facing most sales organizations?

Steve publishes an annual report on sales management. He discusses the key components he measures.

What percentage of sales organizations world-wide support ongoing training and development for their sales managers?

Among companies that do invest in development for their sales managers, do they get the return they expect?

What did Steven find, about the level of understanding of leadership development in sales organizations?

Andy’s message to VP’s: Be concerned about leadership training and development. Sales numbers are met, or not, based on your ongoing investment in sales leaders.

An easy answer is for sales leaders to tap into free online resources. Manager your own development.

Why so few companies provide formal training for sales manager and the percentage of sales managers that fail in the first 18 months?

The cost of coaching a new sales manager, vs. the cost of failure of a new sales manager, makes the decision easy.

The bad reason that sales managers refuse to ask for help.


Is it easier to teach a technical non-salesperson how to sell, or teach a salesperson how to sell a product or service?

It’s hard to learn how to sell, but you can learn the product knowledge, or the technical knowledge. There’s a strong art to selling, and you want the right personality.

If you could change one thing about your business self, what would it be?

To be better at sales.

What’s one non-business book every salesperson should read?

I only read business books!