How to Gamify Sales Productivity w/ Jeremy Boudinet [Episode 319]

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Among the many topics that Jeremy and I discuss are the origins of Ambition, the transparency and accountability that gamification provides in sales, what kinds of sales organizations are a good fit for gamification, and how Ambition implements gamification to help improve sales productivity.

Joining me on this episode of Accelerate! is my guest Jeremy Boudinet. Jeremy is Director of Marketing at Ambition, a sales productivity platform that drives people and process with goals, scorecards, contests, and analytics.


The Ambition co-founders had started Access America Transport, which became the 12th biggest third-party-logistics company in North America.

Access had logistics protocols and they had sales — and they ended up doing ‘fantasy football’ for sales — running intense competitions, and scoring people based on closing deals, getting revenue, making calls, etc.

Ambition created gamification software that scores people, gives opportunities for recognition, and turns work into a fun, collaborative experience.

What brought the Ambition to the attention of Harvard Business Review?

What are some of the transparencies Ambition provides to an organization?

What kinds of teams, and processes, does the Ambition paradigm fit very well?

The more people in the process, the better the success, and the that more transparency, recognition, and energy matter to your team, the better it works as well.

For managers, it’s about transparency. For reps, it’s about competition and collaboration. They find accountability.

What is at the heart of the Ambition paradigm?

What is an Activity Quadrant and how does it capture an individual’s sales productivity?

How does the Activity Quadrant help prepare the manager for better one-on-one coaching, and help them evaluate processes, metrics, and behaviors?


What’s your most powerful sales attribute?

Starting the conversation and earning trust.

Who is your sales role model?

My Dad.

What’s one book that every salesperson should read?

The Sales Acceleration Formula, by Mark Roberge,

also, Sales Management Simplified, by Mike Weinberg.

What music is on your playlist right now?

New Wave, and The Hotel Year (now The Hotelier), Rap, Wu Tang Clan, Dirty South Rap.