How To Extend Your Sales Reach with Social Selling w/ Tim Hughes [Episode 324]

Among the many topics that Tim and I discuss are Tim’s journey from salesperson to sales expert and author, how social selling is becoming mainstreamed, how the traditional sales methods are being replaced, and why most sales reps are still not taking advantage of the opportunities presented by social selling.

Joining me on Accelerate! once again is Tim Hughes, UK-based Founder and Partner of Digital Leadership Associates, a social digital transformation agency. He is one of the leading experts on social selling, and author of a great new book, Social Selling: Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers.


Ok, you’ve got a Twitter profile; You’re set up on LinkedIn — what do you need to do now?

Why too many reps think that just putting their profile on LinkedIn is “social selling.”

Social Selling Index scores don’t pay the rent, but your LinkedIn and social profiles provide ways for people to find you, and are sources for inbound contacts.

Tim shares strategies for taking traditional sales methods and applying them online.

Sales reps need to understand the relationship funnel and how to use it to move prospects into the sales funnel

What happens when you ask prospects if you can connect with them on LinkedIn.

What is the impact on sellers and prospects from technology changing society from a very hierarchical structure to a very flat one.

Sales cycles are shorter, but buying cycles are longer. The buyer is researching long before talking to the rep.

Does your content actually educate? How to interweave your unique selling points and value proposition into it.

The customer is now in charge of the buying process. The shift in power has taken place.


What’s the single biggest challenge facing salespeople today?

Management that does not support them in social.

What solution do you suggest?

In the book, it tells how to pitch the benefits of social selling to management and others within the organization.

What’s one behavior sales reps need to master, that would make a huge difference?

Early on, I learned to shut up, and then to ask ‘stupid questions,’ that helped me understand the customer.